The penis is a wonderful thing, so it’s no wonder that masturbation is a favorite pastime of just about every guy. In addition to being fun, masturbation is an excellent way to learn about the penis and how it works, which can be beneficial both for penis health and for improving a guy’s skill at sex.

For this last reason, many men engage in edging, which is masturbating until he is just about to ejaculate; stopping to let the need to ejaculate subside; and then resuming masturbation and repeating the whole process. For some men, edging can last for 20 or 30 minutes; for others, it can go on for hours. But sometimes edging for an extended period of time can result in a raw, red penis, and that is something guys want to avoid.

For those who are into edging or who would like to explore edging, there are a few tips to keep in mind to help avoid that raw, red penis.

- Start slow. If a man’s typical masturbation session lasts 5 or 10 minutes, planning on edging for two hours the first time out may not be wise. As with many other things, it’s usually best to build up to things first. So perhaps have an initial goal of 30 minutes for the first couple of sessions, then 45 minutes, then an hour, and so on. This gives the penis skin time to get used to the lengthier amounts of friction.

- Use lube. This is extremely important. Being well-lubricated throughout the edging session is probably the best way to avoid a sore red penis. The key here is "throughout the edging session." Pouring some lubricant into the palm at the start of the session is important, but replenishing that lubricant as the session goes on is also crucial. Yes, sometimes a guy may over-lubricate and need to wipe off a little excess, but that’s okay. It will be easier to estimate the proper amounts to use as he becomes a more expert edger.

- Change things up. Often when a man masturbates, he focuses most of his attention on one area of the penis. For example, many men will spend a great deal of time stroking around the glans. When edging, it pays to spread things around, and to vary the parts of the penis that are stroked. It also helps to change the way the penis is touched. For example, if a man usually strokes with his right hand, he might use his left for a few minutes. He might use a looser grip sometimes and a tighter grip at others. Rather than stroking, he may "pulse" - open and close the fist rapidly. There are many ways to change up the edging experience.

- Goon wisely. Often men who edge get into a state that is referred to as "gooning." This is kind of like a hypnotic feeling in which men feel "at one" with their penis. It is sometimes accompanied by a zoned-out look, often with the mouth open. The problem is that some men who goon get so wrapped up that they neglect to keep the lube fresh. Reapplication may break the goon state, but it can help keep away that raw red penis afterward.

- Don’t feel edging is required. Edging is something a guy should do for pleasure. Just because a man has grown used to edging doesn’t mean he can’t allow himself a "quickie" whenever he wants.

When edging does create a raw, red penis, a man will want to treat his penis with special care. He definitely needs to utilize a top drawer penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). First of all, be sure the crème has a combination of a high-end emollient (like Shea butter) and a natural hydrator (like vitamin E), so that it can remoisturize the raw penis skin and soothe the soreness. In addition, seek out a crème with L-carnitine. This amino acid can help restore loss of sensation in the penis, which can occur when a man edges too roughly.