Imagine this: All warm and clean from the shower, a man gets dressed and gets ready for whatever comes next. Maybe he’s going to work. Maybe it’s a date. Whatever it is, just an hour or so after that shower, he sits down and notices…it. That stench. That awful smell wafting up from his trousers. It’s embarrassing penis odor.

He has no idea why it’s there. He showered! He’s clean! So why does he have that unpleasant odor hanging around? A man can have a smelly penis no matter how meticulously he washes it if he doesn’t follow a few very clear instructions. Let’s take a look at what causes penis odor and how to eliminate that very unsavory problem.

What Causes Penis Odor?

That smelly penis needs a little more care to be clean and fresh. But what’s a guy doing wrong? Let’s take a look.

- He’s not cleaning well. An uncircumcised man has the unique problem of smegma, which is a buildup of dead skin cells and bodily fluids. It builds up under the foreskin and can create a white, cheesy paste. This smells terrible, thanks to the bacteria that are wildly attracted to it. Those bacteria can lead to that smelly penis problem, so it’s important to clean underneath the foreskin every day - at least once a day, with a gentle soap and water.

- He’s sweating a lot. A man who sweats a lot can start to collect sweat around the groin, which is not a good sign for penis odor. Bacteria love sweat, and they will set up shop immediately. The stale scent of sweat can linger on a man’s clothes and skin for hours, and his penis might take the brunt of that odor. That’s why it’s so important to shower regularly, and if the problem is really bad, carry disposable deodorant wipes to use in the bathroom from time to time.

- He’s choosing the wrong clothes. Synthetic fabrics, such as polyester or leather, can trap in sweat, natural body secretions and all sorts of awful odors. When wearing leather pants, for instance, a man isn’t letting his penis breathe, and that can lead to odor. Look for natural, breathable fabrics that will wick away moisture and help cut down on odor. Cotton is always a good bet.

- He has a yeast infection. Though this is often attributed to women, yeast infections can happen in men, too. It’s an overgrowth of Candida yeast, which is always present but never causes a problem until it gets out of control. Once it does, it can cause serious itching, redness, and a very distinctive - and off-putting - penis odor.

- He has really dry penis skin. Though it might seem that a smelly penis doesn’t really have anything in common with a dry penis, the fact is that the dryness makes it easier for odor to take hold. How? Really dry skin can lead to microscopic cracks and fissures, which become a haven for bacteria. They settle in and begin causing penis odor.

- He doesn’t take enough showers. Though one shower a day is enough for most people, some men simply need more than that. A shower in the morning and in the evening might do the trick. It also pays to get a shower right after a gym session or a frisky sexual adventure. Then let the genital area thoroughly air-dry before putting on any clothing. This helps ensure no moisture down there, which can help avoid yeast and other fungal infections.

Good Penis Care for a Smelly Penis

If penis odor has you feeling not so fresh, reach for a good penis health crème that contains vitamin A. This is a very important ingredient because it’s known for antibacterial properties, which can easily fight against the bacteria that leads to penis odor. When reaching for that excellent penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin), look for one with a proven track record of helping men the world over keep their penises in good shape.