Summer brings about all types of bodily odors, especially sweat from all those hours under the hot summer sun. In fact, the odor of sweat is to be expected when a man is at the beach, hanging at the BBQ or even just doing work around the yard. But there’s another odor - penis odor - that can sometimes take a man entirely by surprise. This is because even men who exercise excellent penis care might sometimes remove their trousers to find a rank smell wafting up to greet them, and they will wonder how in the world it got there.

What causes penis odor

The fact is that penis odor is entirely natural. It’s as natural as sweat - and in fact, sweat is a serious contributor to it. Penis odor happens for many reasons, including:

- The penis is constantly ‘trapped’ behind layers of clothing, usually at least two. These layers mean that the skin can’t ‘breathe’ as well as it otherwise would, and being locked away like that means odor is allowed to accumulate.

- Many men choose not to manscape down there, and that can lead to a thick thatch of hair around the area. Hair is notorious for grabbing and hanging onto sweat. As the sweat dries in the hair, an unsavory odor begins to emerge.

- Bacteria love dark, warm places - and that’s exactly what it finds in the crotch area. Though this bacteria isn’t a health risk to a guy, an accumulation of it can lead to serious smells that can make any man cringe after a long day out in the sun.

- Accumulation of other stuff happens, too. Let’s say a man spends the day at the beach, then heads to a BBQ that night. At the beach, he is inundated with sea water, and all that goes along with that, as well as sand everywhere. He doesn’t have time to wash down thoroughly before the BBQ, where he stands in the heat of the evening; thus, sweat accumulates. Is it any wonder that opening up the package at the end of the night sends a man rushing for the shower?

How to alleviate penis odor during summer

A man who is eager to remedy the penis odor issue - and who wouldn’t be? - can keep these tips in mind.

- Wear clothing that allows the penis skin to breathe. Thin cotton is best for this. A man can also choose shorts with a wide-leg fit to allow air to circulate, and wicking shorts or underwear that will help pull the sweat away from the skin during the day.

- Give things a trim. Though a guy might not want to go completely bare, he should definitely consider trimming up the hair around the package. The less hair down there, the less odor he might have to deal with when things get hot. Besides that, it might be much more comfortable.

- Get clean often. If possible, a man should wash his body - as well as his penis - very thoroughly after every activity. For instance, a man who has spent the day at the beach could try to head home for a good shower before getting dressed for his evening plans.

- Air things out. If possible, a man should try to go commando in the privacy of his own home. Letting fresh air get to the skin can cut down on the colonizing bacteria, thus cutting down on the odor that emanates from them.

Above all else, a man should routinely practice excellent penis care. He can do this through the use of a top-notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). In addition to an array of health-sustaining vitamins and nutrients, a man should look specifically for a crème that contains vitamin A. Also known as retinol, this powerhouse vitamin is known for fighting the bacteria that can cause noxious penis odor.