Diabetes is a serious condition that causes many problems; it is an enemy to good health in general, as well as to an erect penis in particular. As a matter of fact, studies show that between 35% and 75% of men with diabetes will suffer some form of erectile dysfunction related to their condition. While practicing good penis care can help, it's important that a man takes special pains to prevent or deal with diabetes in order to have a more satisfying quality of life.


Diabetes is a medical condition in which the body is overloaded with blood sugar (also called glucose). This comes about because the body isn't able to develop enough insulin or because the body can't properly use the insulin that it does produce.

When diabetes is not managed properly, it can have long-term health consequences. Heart disease, nerve damage, kidney damage, vision problems, hearing impairment and Alzheimer's are among the complications that are frequently associated with or aggravated by diabetes.

In comparison with these issues, difficulty in obtaining or maintaining an erect penis seems relatively insignificant. However, because of the effect that this can have on a man's sexual life, self-image and quality of life, it's an area that deserves some attention.

Diabetes and the erect penis

How does diabetes have an effect on erectile function? To understand that, it's necessary to look at what goes into making a penis become erect.

When a man experiences sensory or physical stimulation of his penis, nerve signals shoot throughout the penis to tell it to wake up and pay attention. The spongy tissue in the penis known as the corpora cavernosa get a message telling the penile smooth muscles to relax. As they do this, the arteries open up so that blood can rush into the penis, fill up the spongy tissue and bring about the desired inflationary effect. The pressure on the veins traps the blood until such time as smooth muscle contracts, allowing the veins to open and the blood to flow back out.

One of the primary ways that the smooth muscles and veins know that it's time to go into their act and make an erect penis is by an influx of a chemical known as nitric oxide. When blood sugar is too high, it can cause damage to the blood vessels, which in turn prevents nitric oxide from being released properly. Without proper amounts of nitric oxide, the success of the smooth muscles and veins in creating an erection is affected.

Treat it

Preventing diabetes, or treating it carefully if one has it, is essential to general health, as well as to helping create the conditions for a successfully erect penis. Among the things one can do to prevent or treat diabetes are:

- Stop smoking.

- Maintain a healthy weight.

- Lower high cholesterol levels.

- Keep blood pressure at acceptable levels.

- Exercise properly (under the guidance of a doctor if necessary).

- Watch out for stress.

- Develop a positive body outlook and attitude.

If one is diagnosed with diabetes, it is absolutely crucial that one follows the prescribed treatment plan.

In addition to treating diabetes, it's important that every man take proper care of the health of his favorite organ. Regular use of a top-notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can be a big help in this area. In particular, a crème that includes L-arginine among its ingredients is advised. Why? L-arginine is an enzyme that, among other things, plays a crucial role in the development of nitric oxide. As detailed above, nitric oxide is an important part of the process by which blood vessels are kept open and blood, flowing. A crème with acetyl L-carnitine is also a good idea, as this can help with de-sensitization due to peripheral nerve damage in the manhood, thereby restoring a man's penile sensation.