A guy with an erect penis wants to do everything he can to make sure that raring-to-go member of his doesn't become that most dreaded of all objects: a frustrated penis. Yet too often this happens - and frequently, it's the dude's own fault. Practicing ongoing and appropriate penis care to keep one's equipment in shape and ready for a good time is fruitless if a man shoots himself in the foot - or elsewhere - by irrevocably running the mood with the lady with whom he hopes to score.

What are some of the things men do that cause them to return from a seemingly hot date with nothing to show except a frustrated penis straining painfully against their trousers?

Talking about exes.

There's a time and a place to bring up the qualities of ex-girlfriends - but that time does not occur within the first few dates. Even comparisons that favor the current woman may make her worry about how she stacks up against his former lover(s). Dissing an ex may make a woman wonder about a range of things: Is this guy too critical? Is he "over" this other woman yet? Should she perhaps take note of the complaints that this ex had about this guy she hardly knows? In any case, talking about other women is unlikely to make her feel closer - and hardly helps with a guy’s efforts to move toward the bedroom.

Bad music.

Nothing can ruin a moment more quickly than an inappropriate music choice. Early in a relationship, it's hard to know what a particular woman may like, so it's always a gamble, but there are some options to avoid: Head banging metal. Songs with misogynistic lyrics. Tunes are blatantly sexual rather than subtly and slyly insinuating.

Using the phone - at all.

When alone with a date and starting down the road that leads to coital bliss, the phone has to get powered down - period. Unless he is a surgeon and there is a chance he could receive a life-or-death call, there should be no answering the phone, checking messages, texting - nothing. A man needs to give his full and undivided attention to the beautiful creature in front of him - and no one else.

Moving too fast.

Every guy-gal pairing is different and moves at its own pace. It's a delicate balancing act between moving things forward and going too fast, but men need to pay great attention to this and be sensitive. Once things do get moving, it's also imperative to remember that unlike guys, who tend to go from 0 to 60 in seconds, a woman often needs a bit more delicate handling. Make sure to spend an appropriate amount of time on intense and sensuous foreplay - and take the time to enjoy it, rather than treating it like a chore.

Being alone in the moment.

Sometimes a dude concentrates way too much on his erect penis and not on the person with whom he is sharing this gift. Guys sometimes need to take a moment to make sure that as they get more in tune with their rhapsodic moments, they aren't tuning their bedmate out.

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