An erect penis is a source of pride and joy for every man, and he enjoys sharing that tumescent tool with a lover, usually through intercourse. On occasion, however, a man may enjoy making a bit of a spectacle of his erect penis for his partner (especially if he has been practicing proper penis care and his equipment has an appropriately healthy appearance). This sharing of his pride in his manhood makes the man feel sexy and appreciated, especially if his partner truly approves of his penis presentation.

Sometimes, though, a man or his partner may want to take a more playful approach to the presentation of the phallus. A naked erect penis is a fine thing, but why stop there? Couples wanting to add a touch of lighthearted fun to the proceedings may decide that dressing up the tumescent member may be in order. Coming up with disguises for an erect penis can become a favorite pastime. And it can be done by either the couple together (for a shared experience) or by the man alone (to make a special present for his loved one).

Disguise options

With that in mind, the following are a few suggestions on how to dress up a tumescent tool for fun (and perhaps as a prelude to pleasure).

- The wiener decoy. If one happens to have a hot dog bun nearby, he can wrap it around his tumescent unit. It's even better if a little ketchup and mustard can be applied, though most will prefer to skip the onions or relish. And if one's partner feels peckish and wants a little lick, so much the better!

- The measurement ploy. Grabbing a magic marker and quickly adding a mark every inch immediately changes a weapon of mass erection into a charming ruler. True, it's a little difficult to maneuver the ruler into many useful positions for measuring, but the clever man can make this work. If he needs assistance, perhaps his partner can help manipulate the ruler, too.

- The servant. Slap a handful of feathers onto the end of the shaft and, voila! - an impromptu feather duster. It may make for an itchy manhood, but it gets the job done.

- The sneaky snake. With a few quick coats of paint or make-up, that dong of longing can be transformed into the snake of one's choice. (Keep it realistic; few men can actually pull off a python.)

- The Maypole diversion. Add some long streamers to the tool and a man has at his crotch a fun-filled May Day game - one that may encourage a certain comely young maiden to gambol about a bit.

Photographing one's erect penis disguises can make the fun last even longer. Some may also consider putting together a collection of these pictures as a gift for his lover. If the disguised penis is posed alongside other items, it can even become a "Where's the Wiener?" kind of hunt-and-search book.

Of course, a guy will feel more comfortable presenting his erect penis, dressed up or otherwise, if his tumescent manhood looks good and healthy. Achieving this state of organ health requires the regular use of a top-drawer penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). The best cream is going to contain a range of vitamins, including B5, C and D. Vitamin B5 is renowned for its use in penis cell metabolism and the healthy maintenance of penile cells. Vitamin C, meanwhile, is essential for collagen production and penile tissue firmness, and vitamin D helps fight disease and enable penis cell functionality. All this adds up to a healthier, very presentable penis.