An erect penis is a guy’s ticket to a wonderland of delightful sensations, pleasures and experiences, so it’s no wonder that a man wants to ensure its protection and proper functioning. While a flaccid penis is fun to have around, it’s the tumescent tool that’s the life of the party; working hard to maintain proper penis health is therefore well worth the extra effort.

With that in mind, the following are a few protection tips aimed at keeping that erect penis hearty.

Watch that body weight. Excess poundage is bad news for a man’s overall health, and it can have consequences in terms of penis firmness. Studies indicate that being overweight is associated with lower testosterone levels, which has an impact on erectile function. In addition, obesity is a risk factor for diabetes. Diabetes, in turn, can result in general nerve damage, including the nerves in the penis; it’s the sensitivity associated with penile nerves that plays a major role in the erection process.

Kick the habit. Smoking is also bad news for an active manhood. Tobacco use negatively impacts blood vessel linings, including those in the penis and surrounding areas. When the blood vessels are impacted, the smooth penis muscle is also, and that causes a lessening of erectile capability. Studies indicate a significant difference in the erectile function of smokers vs. non-smokers - and indicate that for many men there can be a substantial improvement in erectile function within weeks of stopping smoking.

Stay active. Sex is a great physical activity, but engaging in other physical activities keeps the male member in shape for its favorite pastime. Living a sedentary lifestyle not only leads to weight issues but also puts consistent and continual pressure on penile blood vessels and nerves, lessening the firmness of an erection.

Use a table for the laptop or tablet. Many men find it quite easy to rest their laptop or tablet on their sex package while browsing the internet or working on those reports that are overdue for work. This isn’t the best idea for the health of the penis, due to the heat that these instruments generate. Testosterone production in the balls is adversely affected by too much heat, so it’s better to rest the computer on the table rather than risk overheating the testosterone factory.

Adjust the alcohol . A drink here and there or a glass of wine with dinner is perfectly fine for most men, but overindulging in alcohol has serious health consequences, both long- and short-term. Lots of men can testify that getting loaded and then trying to get it up is a bad combination. To make matters worse, alcohol can make a guy feel tired and drowsy more quickly, further impacting his erectile performance. Long-term damage can include nerve deadening in the penis and lowered production of testosterone, so those who are heavy drinkers may pay for it in the bedroom down the road.

Sleep. Getting a sufficient amount of sleep helps lower stress; lack of sleep is another factor in lowering testosterone levels. Hitting the bed for rest rather than just for action can help a guy get more of that action.

Sporting an erect penis makes a guy feel proud and virile, so protection of the same is definitely advised. Several of the issues mentioned above can benefit from the regular use of a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). Peripheral nerve damage in the tool, for example, can be helped by a crème that contains the neuroprotective ingredient acetyl L-carnitine. Blood flow is also a crucial element in proper penis health; a crème that includes among its ingredients L-arginine is a bonus in this area. L-arginine helps boost the creation of nitric oxide, which in turn plays a part in keeping blood vessels open and functioning properly.