Having trouble in the bedroom? Some men find that they suffer a loss of desire at some point, or, despite their urges, they simply can no longer perform how they used to, or even at all. Sexual health is important both for penis care and overall well-being; an inability to achieve erection and/or orgasm, typical symptoms of erectile dysfunction, can have a significant impact on a man’s general health as well as on his relationships.

It’s wise to ask oneself whether weight might be the source of lost libido or erectile dysfunction. Men can familiarize themselves with the connections between obesity and penile health below. Finally, they will find some useful tips at the end of this article for combating both problems at once.

Emotional Connection

There is an obvious connection between feelings of guilt, shame or disgust concerning one’s body and the lack of desire to expose it to someone else. If a man hates his body, his sex drive will likely be damaged.

While it’s important for anyone who is overweight to make some lifestyle changes for overall health, this doesn’t require that a man hate his body how it is or feels shame toward it. Making those changes can help a man feel good about himself, but another thing men can do to combat negative body image is to cultivate some media literacy. That means learning that the images one sees in magazines and movie posters depict a very narrow range of body types, and these bodies are further altered by editing software. While the unrealistic standards of American beauty culture primarily target women, men are not immune. If a man constantly compares himself to unattainable images, he won’t get over his shame, even if he gets into better shape.

Biochemical Connection

A healthy sex drive requires an ample amount of testosterone in a man’s body. High levels of body fat are associated with high levels of a chemical called sex binding hormone globulin (SBHG) that binds with testosterone. Researchers believe that, the more SBHG there is to bind to testosterone, the less of the latter hormone is available to the body. That results in a diminished sex drive.

Circulatory Connection

Obesity is associated with heart disease and type 2 diabetes, which in turn are associated with poor circulation. This can affect penile health; the penis relies on unimpeded blood flow in order to achieve erections. The oxygen in blood is also needed to maintain penile sensitivity. When circulation is affected, erectile function is affected.

Combating Obesity-Related Performance Problems

The following tips are some things men can try to get things back to normal - or even better than before - in the bedroom:

- Try to lose 10 pounds. This amount can create a boost in testosterone and, in turn, sex drive and function.

- Eat well whether or not weight loss occurs. Fresh fruits and vegetables and plenty of fiber in the diet will help keep blood vessels clear.

- As mentioned above, get media literate. Men should try to resist comparing themselves to unrealistic standards and be positive about their bodies.

- Talk to partners about any self-consciousness that may be present. Hearing from a partner that he or she finds a man lovely as he is may give a much-needed confidence boost.

- Keep up appearances. A man can promote positive body image and self-esteem by keeping himself clean - and this is particularly true in the private area. Making sure the penis is thoroughly clean and free of odors eliminates one obstacle to a healthy sex life. A quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) with Shea butter, a natural moisturizer, will help keep the skin silky smooth and supple, making it more pleasing to the eye and touch. Other ingredients like L-arginine and acetyl L-carnitine may help combat circulatory and sensation problems as well.