Most men have experienced erection loss during sex at some point. For many, it’s a rare occurrence that doesn’t cause much trouble; for others, the issue may be more persistent, causing substantial problems in their sex lives. While it’s important for a man to consider causes and find out if he is experiencing a penis health issue, it’s equally important for partners to analyze their own feelings around the problem, which may include frustration and inadequacy, and to develop constructive ways to respond to the situation.

When a man is unable to perform, he is likely feeling a range of unpleasant things himself. A partner’s reaction can worsen the situation in some cases, and this isn’t good for anyone involved. The following sex tips can help partners be supportive of their male lovers.

1)Don’t take it personally. The importance of this tip cannot be overestimated. If a partner assumes that he or she is the reason for the man’s erection loss - that he or she is not attractive enough, not doing something "right," etc. - then he or she is bound to respond with sadness, irritation, defensiveness, etc. None of these reactions will help a man either get hard again or feel less down on himself. There are a variety of reasons a man may lose his erection that have nothing to do with a partner; keep this in mind.

2)Ask if there’s anything one can do. Of course, there are times when a man just needs a particular kind of stimulation to re-stiffen. In that case, simply offering one’s services in whatever way (within boundaries) a man may be desiring can be helpful.

3)Slow it down. When a partner is ready to go, it can be frustrating if the other is not there yet, but his or her eagerness can quickly morph into impatience, at least as the partner is experiencing it. The seeming need to rush can stress a guy out, causing erection loss. Let him know it’s okay to slow it down, engage in more foreplay and enjoy the process.

4)Understand it might not work out. If a man has been stressed out a lot lately by work, family or other life circumstances, he just might not be able to get hard or stay there, regardless of what a partner does or how attractive he/she is to him. If he’s not too upset about it, a partner might ask if he may enjoy using a dildo on him/her, or watching him/her masturbate.

5)Have sex before drinking. For many men, a few drinks are enough to squander the manhood’s perkiness. If a couple plans to go out for drinks, or to enjoy beverages at home, having a good romp prior to drinking may be all that is needed.

6)Gently propose seeking professional advice. If a man’s erectile issues are persistent and interfering with a healthy sex life, he may need a little nudging to get him to visit a doctor or therapist. A partner can delicately broach the issue with a man, explaining that he or she is concerned that there may be an underlying health issue at play. Erectile dysfunction can actually indicate a serious physical health condition and is something to be taken seriously.

7)Enjoy other forms of intimacy. Letting a partner know that he is valued, loved and desired even if he can’t always have sex is important for his emotional wellbeing along with feeling comfortable and secure with his lover. Cuddling, holding hands and kissing can help reassure him and convey a partner’s feelings.

It’s always a good idea for men to maintain confidence in their manhood. They can do so by taking the best care of it possible. Using protection and applying lubricant during solo activity will help keep the organ healthy. Men can also try using a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). Packed with Shea butter and vitamin E, Man1 Man Oil moisturizes the skin, letting it look and feel its best. The penis deserves a ritual, and daily application of a quality skin care product can leave the penis an appendage to feel great about.