Exercise helps to control weight, activates feel-good hormones which elevate the mood, memory and intimate function. Many doctors recommend regular exercise to lift the spirits and improve all quarters of life. However to prevent exercising negatively affecting penis health there are some basic things you should know:


Testosterone levels rise quite significantly following a work-out and in some cases can increase up to 49%. However clinical studies have shown that this peak in testosterone is short-lived and often the hormonal blood levels of any male return to normal within an hour after the workout. A male health crème applied directly to the skin of the manhood can help to maintain optimum nerve function, circulation and enhance the experience of sexual pleasure.

When training and exercise becomes exhaustive, this has an overall negative effect on testosterone levels. Constant training is known to lead to penile dysfunction, fertility problems, and premature aging. To prevent this, mix up your exercise schedule with some calming yoga.

Research shows that yoga improves blood flow to all areas of the body including the intimate male area and improves hormone levels, energy levels and mood. In a study funded by the India Institute of Medical Sciences, researchers found that yoga was effective as a treatment for premature ejaculation. Men who took part in regular yoga classes had significantly better results than men who were given prescription medication.


Cycling can exacerbate male member health problems, intimate function and cause fertility issues. Why? The problem is more mechanical than hormonal or chemical.

Humans are intended to rest on their "sit bones" where there is just muscle and fat and we can sit safely and comfortably for hours. When cycling however, the bike seat has to be straddled and the weight of the body goes down onto the nerves and blood vessels feeding the male organ. After cycling for long periods of time, regularly, chronic damage to the nerves and capillaries can occur. Calcification, inflammation, blockage, scar tissue, and nerve damage all take place. Eventually, these underlying changes manifest as male member dysfunction.

Cyclists who regularly drink alcohol, smoke tobacco, have poor diets, develop diabetes or hypertension are the most likely group to have problems. Having a nutritious diet and a healthy lifestyle goes a long way to protecting nerves and circulation during cycling.

The Boston University School of Medicine recommends that men cycle not more than 3 hours a week. This is shown in studies to be the minimum amount of regular cycling required to cause penis problems.

Beware of Artificial Hormones

The male hormone testosterone improves energy, well-being, immune function, muscle and penis size.

Whilst steroidal drugs and artificial hormones are known to benefit men with a medical condition where the penis never develops to a size larger than 1.9 cm in length, these medications have no beneficial effect on a male who has passed the age where he is still growing and developing (around 21 years old for most men). Worse yet, high doses of male hormones may have the opposite effect on sensitive penile tissues and cause them to reduce in size. Steroidal drugs will also have a negative effect on circulation to the male genital area.

If you are going to increase your testosterone and muscle mass, it is better to do it the clean and green way. Otherwise, you may encounter some negative side effects you didn't expect, or want.

Health Crèmes

Penis health crèmes are a great way to quickly restore nutrients to the male organ and protect the nerves and circulatory vessels. Vitamins and amino acids are essential for male hormone balance and nerve function. Specialist crèmes (most professionals recommend Man1Man Oil) contain vitamin A, E, C, B, L-arginine and L-carnitine for physical performance, libido, and intimate health. Added together in a crème base, these vitamins are absorbed directly into the local tissues and are fast-acting.