As most men know, the better shape a guy is in, the better he will feel about every aspect of his life. A man who is in better shape will have a much more successful time when he attempts any sort of physical activity. This is especially true when it comes to the bedroom, as the penis seems to respond much faster and easier when a guy has been exercising and watching his nutrition. In fact, an integral part of good penis care is proper exercise that will keep a man’s heart as healthy as possible.

The heart health and penis health connection

Keeping the heart healthy is obviously the basis of any exercise regimen; heart health affects every other part of the body. The blood that flows through the vessels must be able to do so unimpeded, which means that any problems - such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol - must be addressed immediately. When there are problems with the heart or vessels, those issues fan out to cause problems everywhere else.

That includes penis health. The vessels in the penis are absolutely necessary to carry blood rapidly into the tissues, thus leading to an erection. The more blood that gets through, the stronger the hardness might be. But when the vessels are clogged or narrowed, a man might find that it is tough to get an erection, maintain hardness, or even reach climax.

Therefore, a guy should always look to his overall health as a way to ensure his penis stays healthy. Here are a few ways to make sure he’s on the right track.

1. Go to the doctor. Before a man starts any sort of exercise program, it’s important to check with the doctor to ensure it is okay to do such vigorous activity. This is especially true for men who are dealing with health problems, such as diabetes or high blood pressure. A quick visit will usually be enough to ensure a guy can start hitting the gym anytime he likes.

2. Make exercise fun. Most people don’t like to exercise. It’s tough, sweaty, and takes what seems like forever to see results. A fun, exciting exercise regimen will help ensure a guy keeps it going long enough to see those results! He should choose something that appeals to him - anything from biking to Crossfit to swimming will do. What matters is getting out there and moving.

3. Add in sneaky exercise. Not all exercise has to be organized. A guy can get in a bit of exercise by taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking at the back of the lot to ensure a longer walk, and taking his breaks at work standing up or walking around. The extra steps add up fast.

4. Keep track. Speaking of extra steps, a man might want to keep track of just how much he is doing, so he can increase it over time and enjoy the fruits of his labor. A fun wearable device, such as a Fitbit, can help him with this.

5. Have more sex. A guy who is getting it on regularly will burn more calories, and of course, he will be having plenty of fun while he does it. A man who has adventurous sex might burn even more calories, so feel free to get creative!

And of course, a man can’t go wrong by ensuring his penis skin is just as healthy as his heart. A top-notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can help in this endeavor. A crème that contains vitamin B5 for cell metabolism, vitamin C for proper blood flow, and L arginine to help the blood vessels dilate is a must for any man’s penis health regimen. Look for crèmes that have a Shea butter and vitamin E base, which will help ensure the smooth, supple skin a man deserves.