For most men, masturbation is something they can do without thinking. It’s an easy matter of removing the equipment from its enclosure, applying appropriate lubrication, and then pretty much running on autopilot. But some men have discovered that being more mindful when masturbating can have significant benefits for them. Some men even find that mindful masturbation ensures they pay better attention to their penis health, while at the same time helping them enjoy their solo experiences (and often their partner-based experiences) to a greater degree.

How does it work?

There can be numerous ways in which a man can become more mindful during his masturbation sessions. Simply taking more time with masturbating and making an effort to notice sensations he is experiencing beyond the feeling of the penis in the hand can be revelatory for some men.

But for those interested in a fuller mindful masturbation experience, the following steps may prove useful:

1) Set a mood. The basic mood associated with masturbation tends to be "horny." Try to begin the masturbation process before feeling aroused. Find some music that feels relaxing, or play some ambient noise recordings. Dim the lights in the room and consider adding a pleasant scent via candles, incense or other fragrant sources.

2) Get comfortable. Don’t disrobe yet, but lie or sit someplace that’s nice and comfortable. Close the eyes and let the muscles unwind. Let the breathing become regular and focus on how good it feels just to breathe. Pay attention to any sounds, aromas or sensations. After a few minutes, start breathing through the mouth and release a sound - a sigh or a moan - and notice how it feels throughout the body. Slowly undress, relishing how it feels to take off each piece of clothing.

3) Explore. Once naked, take time to explore the body. Rub the forehead, stroke the cheek, massage the chest, etc. Go slowly, and feel parts of the body - the crook of the arm, the hair on the legs - that may typically be ignored. Notice how each touch of each body part feels.

4) Masturbate. Now move the hand to the penis and begin massaging it. Try to think of ways to touch it that are different than what is usually used. For example, gently stroke it with just the little finger, or use the back of the hand. Explore all sorts of touches and see what sensations they produce. When the penis is erect, pull it forward and then release it so that it flops back against the stomach. Continue masturbating with one hand and explore other parts of the body with the free hand. Make note of how it feels if the body changes positions while masturbating - if legs are spread or if the back is arched, if one knee is bent or the neck stretches upward.

5) Release. Ejaculate when ready, but don’t feel it needs to be forced. Try to continue to be attentive to the surroundings even as orgasm approaches. Pay attention to not just how the penis feels but what other body parts may tingle or what scents can be detected or just what the breathing pattern is like.

Many who practice mindful masturbation find that by putting masturbation in the context of the inner and outer environment around them, they create a more meaningful orgasm. They also better appreciate the need for maintaining penis health, which can be helped by daily use of a top notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Replenishing the vitamin stores of the penis is crucial, so utilizing a crème that includes penis-essential vitamins (A, B5, C, D and E) is necessary for proper penis health. Years of rough sex or frequent masturbation an also de-sensitize a penis, so using a crème with a neuroprotective ingredient like acetyl L-carnitine can help restore sensation to the penis. The healthier the member, the more effective mindful masturbation can be.