The penis is a very important part of every man’s life, and it deserves to be treated accordingly. With proper penis care, including careful cleansing, smart choices about partners, and the right nutrients, men of all ages can avoid a broad spectrum of penis problems and improve its appearance, feel and ability to enjoy sexual stimulation.

Here are just some of the significant penis benefits of a nourishing health crème:

• Improved penis sensation - Penis sensitivity is, of course, very important to the enjoyment of sex and even the ability to have an erection. Keeping the penis skin responsive means maintaining nerve tissue function, as well as keeping the skin soft and smooth and protecting it from chafing, callusing and other friction damage.

• Softer, more supple skin - Soft, supple penis skin is more appealing to potential partners and more responsive to soft touch and stimulation. Keeping the penis skin soft can also help to reduce friction-related irritation from manual stimulation or intercourse.

• Clear, blemish-free skin - Preparations of vitamin A (also called retinol) are frequently used in cosmetic creams and dermal remedies for the treatment and prevention of acne, scars, and age-related issues like spots and wrinkling; alpha lipoic acid supports this process with its properties as a powerful antioxidant. A good penis cream may help to prevent unattractive breakouts and signs of premature aging.

• Reduced risk of infection - Minute lesions that result from overly dry skin or chafing and irritation can allow bacteria and other harmful invaders to penetrate, leading to infections and other skin conditions that can cause pain, itching, swelling, burning and inflammation of the penis. Keeping the skin smooth through adequate moisturizing and combatting microorganisms with natural antibacterials such as vitamin A may be an effective way to reduce the risk of recurring skin infections.

• Healthy circulatory tissue - It is well known that good circulation plays an important role in erectile function, not to mention the overall health of the penis skin and nerve cells. Nutrients like vitamin C are necessary to the formation of healthy circulatory tissue, while L-arginine - a type of protein - works to relax (dilate) the blood vessels to allow for increased blood flow.

• Lowered risk of disfigurement related to the formation of scar tissue - While some bending or curving of the penis is normal, a penis that bends painfully when erect could be the result of scarring around the erectile tissue in the shaft of the penis. Scar tissue does not expand along with the underlying erectile tissue, causing the penis to bend during erections. Penis health crèmes can boost the natural lubricating properties of the skin; a good health crème should also contain vitamin C, which is needed for the repair and formation of connective tissue. These qualities may be beneficial in reducing the risk of injury that may lead to scarring and may support the restoration of healthy tissue when injury does occur.

What to look for in a penis health crème

A quality penis crème should contain the following:
1. Vitamin A - for smooth, blemish-free skin
2. Vitamin B5 - for overall cell function and metabolic health
3. Vitamin C - for health circulatory and connective tissue, as well as antioxidant properties to fight environmental damage
4. Vitamin D - for attractive appearance and overall skin health
5. Vitamin E - for boosting skin’s natural moisturizing properties
6. Alpha lipoic acid - for immune support
7. Amino acids like acetyl L carnitine - for healthy, responsive nerve tissue
8. All-natural, skin-rejuvenating oils (cocoa butter or shea butter work best)

Be sure to look for a genuine penis health crème that contains all-natural ingredients only (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). Crèmes and lotions made for women, or for general use, may provide some benefit, but they may not contain the penis-specific nutrients described here.