There's an enormous emphasis placed on having a sculpted body by society, but in one area at least a bit of extra heft is welcome - that’s the penis. A penis with a certain girth is often prized by many partners, but when it comes to an actual chode, there seems to be less value attached to the organ. Naturally, penis health is generally of greater importance in the long run than size, but the question of how much girth is acceptable on a fat penis is still one worth examining.

What is a chode?

Many people may not be familiar with the word chode (sometimes spelled choad), a slang term applied to certain phalluses. In strict terms, the word refers to any penis that has a greater circumference than length.

So, for example, a man with a tool that measures six inches in length and five-and-a-half in girth is simply packing a fat penis. A man with a tool of the same length but a girth of six-and-a-half inches is in possession of a genuine chode.

Do they really exist?

There is some debate as to whether chodes really exist or whether the term has simply been applied to penises that are of an exceptional thickness yet are not actually thicker than they are long. While there does not seem to be reliable data on the subject, it seems fair to guess that actual chodes do exist, especially when the member in question is on the shorter side, but that they are quite rare.

But while actual chodes may be rare, a fat penis is much more common. When that thickness is married to a long tool, many partners swoon. When part of a rather short tool, however, it may have an appearance that makes a man feel self-conscious or embarrassed.

Own it.

In fact, there's no reason for a man with a fat penis to regret its thickness. While the typical image of a stud involves a man with a very long rod, the fact is that many women achieve greater stimulation from thicker members. A 2001 study of 50 women actually found that 45 of them preferred a manhood that was thick rather than long.

The reasoning behind this is that the wider the equipment, the greater the amount of vaginal stimulation it can easily provide. In addition, researchers think that the thicker tool provides a "fuller" feeling to the woman when inserted, which in turn creates a more psychologically satisfying experience during sexual contact.

In other words, that fat penis may in fact provide a sexual joyride that offers greater excitement than that provided by its "slim Jim" counterpart. Chubbiness may not be desired around a man's abdomen, but in the penis department, it can be a definite asset - and those with girthier tools need to take proud ownership of this fact.

Lubrication is important.

That said, those with chode-like appendages are well advised to make sure they use plenty of lubricant and to engage in a sufficient amount of foreplay before penetrating. The massive manliness can require extra help in being properly inserted. But once in, the way is clear to providing great delight.

The tightness that men with a fat penis experience during penetration, even when lubricated, can result in some soreness or even rawness of the tool. That's why regularly using a top-drawer penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is necessary. The best creams include wonderful hydrating ingredients (such as Shea butter and vitamin E) that can help soothe even the sorest chode. In addition, if the cream also contains a powerful antioxidant like alpha lipoic acid, it will help to diminish the dreaded wrinkled penis look that can come from many sources, including rough handling from lack of sufficient lubrication. Using the proper cream will enable a fat penis to stay healthy for maximum fun.