Men have many questions related to the female orgasm, one of the primary ones being: Why isn’t she having them? While climax is the result of sex for most men nearly every time, women often don’t get their rocks off from penetration alone, and some may also not get there, at least every time, through manual or oral stimulation. Along with practicing proper penis care, men can improve their sex lives by learning more about the female orgasm, the elusiveness of which may be causing them to lose confidence and fear that they are inadequate. The following information can help.

1) Most women need more than penetration.

Estimates vary, but something like 80% of women do not achieve orgasm from a penis (or other object) being inside them. A woman may thoroughly enjoy deep thrusts or shallower G-spot stimulation, but these often aren’t enough to get her there.

2) The clitoris is key.

The clitoris is the gateway to orgasm for most women. A woman may prefer to orgasm before, during or after sex with either oral, manual or toy-assisted clitoral stimulation. Manual and toy play can be mixed with penetrative sex fairly easily; a couple just needs to choose positions that afford access to the region. She may want to use her own hand, her partner’s hand or a vibrator, the latter of which is probably the most likely to lead to release.

3) It’s not a man’s fault.

Some men put a lot of pressure on themselves to "make" their ladies climax. If this does not result, they may blame themselves, but this isn’t helpful or even accurate, at least not most of the time. While there are things he can do to up the odds that she’ll finish, there are plenty of other factors that play a determining role.

4) It’s not her fault, either.

Some men espouse the troubling notion that women are withholding orgasm for some personal reason, and they may become frustrated, posing such questions as, "Why won’t you cum for me?" Aside from inappropriately making it about oneself, such a line of thinking represents a lack of understanding about the many, many factors that can make it difficult for a woman to get there.

5) Don’t pressure her.

One such factor is pressure from a partner. If a man is very eager to bring a woman to orgasm, his very eagerness could be causing her anxiety, which is a climax-killer for men and women alike. Ask her what she wants and how she wants it; don’t demand a particular result.

Hopefully, one’s partner has cultivated a level of familiarity with her own body so that she knows what she likes and can communicate that to a man. She knows where her hot spots are, and the couple can work together to find ways to hit them. Even if she requires clitoral stimulation to finish, it may be more likely to happen when she’s being stimulated internally in her favorite ways. For some women, the G-spot is key; for others, deep thrusts during which the penis tip slides in front of or behind the cervix are best.

Along with learning more about her needs, a man can improve his sex life by taking an extra step in penis care. Applying a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) after showering is an excellent way to keep the skin in good condition. Moisturizers like Shea butter and vitamin E can tag-team dry skin issues, while the neuroprotective ingredient acetyl L-carnitine may help keep penile nerves sensitive, something imperative to experiencing sexual pleasure. Such a crème will keep a guy’s manhood pleasing to the touch, which is inviting to any partner.