Every girl has her own set of criteria for what her Prince Charming looks like. Interestingly, however, most woman agree on the criteria that makes a guy a frog - that they don’t want to kiss or date, for that matter. See what personality traits and first-date no-no’s are sure to start a guy off on the path to becoming a frog instead of a prince. Also learn why a healthy penis ensures at least one trait in the turn-on category.

1) Always seeking validation: The dude who is constantly asking her if she likes something, if this is okay, if he can do anything or who is just generally being too needy and clingy is a major turn-off. If he is always seeking approval and validation, she is likely to interpret that as a lack of confidence and an inability to take care of his own needs - let alone her needs - in the relationship.

2) Stuck on the ex: This may be a no-brainer for some guys, but surprisingly, lots of dudes openly talk about their ex-girlfriends on first and second dates. Ex-bashing lets a girl know that he is not over his ex, not ready to date, and not classy. After all, if he is bad-talking her, what are the chances he won’t be bad talking this very date later to his buddies or future dates. No thanks!

3) Dirty apartment, house, or car: If the date starts out or ends in his pad, or uses his car for transportation, it had better be clean. A guy who doesn’t take care of his living space or car is telling her that he doesn’t go out of his way to make her comfortable. Having to shove a pile of magazines out of the way to sit on the couch or throw empty soda bottles in the back seat to fit in the car will also let her know she will have to clean his place if she doesn’t want to hang out in filth.

4) Moving too fast: Guys who assume they will get to a certain base on a 1st or 2nd date probably won’t be rounding any. A girl needs to be in control of the speed of physical intimacy; too fast, and she will feel like she is easy. Plus, if he is trying to have sex with her on the first date, she will be wondering how many other girls he hooked up with in that way too!

5) Bad conversation: A guy who can’t hold his own during the dinner convo can make things feel awkward and uncomfortable. Sure, it’s okay to be a little shy at first, but if a guy can come up with nothing to say or doesn’t really respond to all the sparkling conversation she is throwing his way, there’s a fair chance the date will end before dessert.

6) Man Stink: It is not necessary to show up for a date in a $500 designer outfit, but a dude should shower, comb his hair, wear nice clothes and otherwise look presentable. A noticeable man stink from the get-go is a good way to end things early.

7) Being Cheap: No, a guy doesn’t have to drop $200-$300 bucks on dinner, but even in this modern day of dating, it is still considered customary for him to pay for dinner. If money is a big issue, he should go Dutch and split the cost of the meal at the very least, but let her know at the beginning of the date so she isn’t scrambling for cash when the bill comes.

Making Sure the Penis Isn’t a Turnoff

If a guy survives a few dates and still hasn’t been sent packing, he will want to ensure that what he has going on below the belt isn’t going to send her running. Maintaining penis hygiene is an important part of being sexually attractive to one’s lady friend. Some amount of grooming - whether just a trim or a wax job - communicates to her that he is concerned about his entire appearance. Additionally, using a penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) that contains Shea butter, vitamin E, and vitamin A can help banish common penis problems such as penis acne, dry skin, and penis odor. Apply every day after the shower to ensure that the health of the penis isn’t going to be a deal breaker.