Olfactory stimuli - that’s "odors" and "smells" in regular guy language - are an important part of attracting another person (and in maintaining their interest once attracted). All people, whether they are aware of it or not, have sensitivities, both good and bad, to specific scents. That’s one reason why a strong, pungent penis odor can be a turn-off to others. (Sometimes it can be so intense that even the man who possesses the smelly penis is turned off by it.) Not only can penis odor indicate a possible penis health concern, but if a person is especially sensitive it may make sex unthinkable. Fighting unwanted penis odor is therefore quite important - and one of the steps to take may include "draining the swamp" - meaning taking care of a heavy sweat issue in the area.

"Swamp crotch"

A slang term for a penis with a persistent sweat issue is "swamp crotch," describing an excessively-moist midsection with a distinct and off-putting aroma. And it’s not a compliment!

The penis and balls are naturals for developing heavy sweat conditions. Unless a man is a nudist, he typically keeps his equipment hidden away beneath two layers of clothing, which generates more heat. Often, the inner layer is a pair of briefs, the snugness of which creates heat. Add to that the fact that the genitals hang between two thighs which, when pressed against the penis and balls, result in further heat. Finally, add in the presence of a thick thatch of pubic hair for further insulation, and it’s no wonder that a guy’s penis is a veritable furnace.

And with all that heat comes sweat and bacteria, which results in the penis odor a man wants so desperately to avoid.


So what are some things a man can do to drain his swamp and help fight penis odor? The following tips can help.

- Wash. Be sure to shower or bathe regularly; for many men, this means every day. Use a gentle cleanser to fight the bacteria, but not something harsh and chemical-laden, which can damage sensitive penis skin. And towel dry the area well after washing.

- Let it all hang out. It helps if a guy can find at least a couple of hours a day to walk around naked. Letting the penis take in the air helps odor disperse. Some men accomplish this by sleeping in the buff.

- Shave. For many men, shaving off their pubic hair - or even just trimming it down some - helps keep the crotch cooler and less sweaty.

- Go loose. The tighter the clothes, the more likely the sweat. Except in cases where it’s important to show off the body, wear looser pants and boxers instead of briefs. Underwear made of "wicking" material can also be helpful. And trousers made of lightweight fabric that breathes can help, especially in the summer.

- Bring a spare. During the summer, a guy may need to change underwear (and possible trousers) a couple of times a day. Bringing a spare pair in the backpack is advised.

- Watch the diet. Some foods and drinks increase the body’s need to sweat. Everybody has their own triggers in these areas, but some typical sweat triggers are alcohol, caffeine, salt and hot spices.

- Use a reliable penis health crème. Fighting penis odor by draining the swamp is easier if a man regularly uses a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Be sure the crème contains vitamin A, as this vitamin has antibacterial properties that are excellent for fighting unwanted penis odor. It also helps if the crème contains alpha lipoic acid, a potent antioxidant that strengthens penis skin by taming excess free radicals; healthier penis skin is better able to fight against odor.