Ah, the senses! These five friends play a huge role in every person’s life, including the state of their sex lives. Unfortunately, so many men tend to focus on how they affect one particular sense - for instance, sight, or how their physical presence registers with a potential or existing partner -that they often neglect the impact a man can have on the other four senses. But in fact, the other senses can play a big role in how a man is perceived by another. For example, a man who has a noticeable penis odor is going to be a turn-off no matter how physically imposing he may be. That’s why a man needs to develop and maintain penis care strategies that address the problem of unwanted penis odor.

The penis odor problem

It’s true that not every aroma that emanates from a manly penis is a problem. A certain amount of manly muskiness can have an intoxicatingly erotic effect on partners and can actually be a benefit. But when that aroma becomes an actual stench, some serious strategies are called for to fight it.

And it’s natural that penis odor should be a problem. After all, the sweat glands in the area are those that produce an acrid odor (rather than the more neutral-smelling sweat glands found on arms and legs). And the heat generated by a thick thatch of pubic hair, plus two layers of clothing, means that odor is guaranteed.


So what are some strategies to keep penis odor at bay?

- Wash it off. Number one and very basic - be sure to wash the area regularly. And not just with a quick water rinse. Use a gentle but effective cleanser to really clean it off. Do not use soap with strong chemicals or scents; this can irritate delicate penis skin, and the pseudo-scents from the soap can actually worsen the odor. Also, be sure to wash the penis after sex - whether with a partner or after solo play.

- Dry it off. Putting clothes on a wet penis is inviting a fungal infection to develop - and that will simply worsen the penis odor problem.

- Wash the clothes. Sure, when he was a schoolboy, a guy could get away with wearing his underwear for a couple of days running or with donning the same pair of jeans day after day. Now that he’s a man, those days are over. A clean pair of underwear every day is a must, and if trousers must be worn two or three days before being washed, at least space it out so that those days are not consecutive.

- Air it out. Assuming a guy has access to some privacy, he should air his penis out every day. Sleeping in the nude is an easy way to accomplish this.

- Change the bedclothes. Putting fresh linen on the bed at least once a week is crucial; otherwise, the penis will absorb odors that accumulate in the sheets rather quickly.

- Use care when selecting clothes. Clothes that are too tight make the penis sweat more, as do trousers that are too heavy. Lightweight pants that give the penis a little room can help cut down on persistent odor situations. Artificial fabrics, like rayon, don’t allow the skin to breathe; natural fibers like cotton are much better.

- Manscape. Either keeping the pubic hair neatly trimmed or shaving it down to the skin can help cut down on the heat quotient in the area, and thus on the sweat and aroma.

- One of the most important strategies to fight penis odor is to daily apply a high quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) to the member. The crème must contain vitamin A, as this vitamin has anti-bacterial properties that combat the bacteria that causes unruly penis odor. It also pays to use a crème with alpha lipoic acid, as that antioxidant will strengthen penis skin by fighting excess free radicals.