It's okay, men, admit it; the female mind is an often mysterious, yet intriguing place, and though a guy might think he knows what his woman is thinking, he probably has no idea at all. It's fine; the female side of the human race enjoys keeping men on their toes, as it makes life more interesting. And, truth be told, though it might feel like all woman can read a man's mind, there are times when she also has no clue what he's thinking, so don't feel too bad. But, alas, here are 5 commonly pondered questions that cross even the most relationship-savvy dude's mind from time to time. Will they unravel the secret to a perfect relationship? Probably not - but some pointed sex advice might just clear up a few of life's little mysteries. Learn more about what makes a woman tick and why penis health is more important to her than a guy might think.

1. Does a woman judge a book by its cover? In other words, does she judge a dude by his haircut, shoes, or clothes? To some degree, yes. But can't the same also be said of men? Anybody who is window shopping for a relationship has to weed out the undesirables based on some obvious characteristics; there are simply too many choices not to. Does that mean all women are superficial? No, absolutely not. But if a guy shows up on a first date in sweat pants that have a hole in the crotch, and it looks like he hasn't showered in a couple of days, it is likely going to be a short evening. Once she has come to adore a man, she will embrace him for all of his quirks, and may even find those old sweat pants endearing, comfortable and familiar. But at the beginning of a relationship - he needs to put in a little effort to look presentable, because she certainly will be!

2. Why is she always sneaking off to the bathroom before/during sex? What is she doing in there? Most likely she is peeing, freshening up or doing some other private grooming task. But, probably peeing - sex makes women have to pee.

3. What really gets a woman going in bed? What's the secret? Sorry guys, there is no one, universal move, maneuver, or position that is going to be a catchall for every woman. However, a man being attentive to her needs, noticing when she is enjoying something, asking her if things feel okay, and generally not being selfish in bed is a pretty good start.

4. Why do some women make men beg for sex? Well, in some relationships, sex can turn into a power struggle between the man and the woman. She may like holding it over his head (e.g., clean the garage or no sex), or she just might like that she has the final say in this aspect of the relationship. But don't discount the fact that sometimes, she just doesn't feel like doing it; so saying "no" is not part of a mind game - she really just wants some sleep.

5. Does size really matter? Not particularly. Seriously, guys are much more concerned with the size of their tools than women ever will be. In fact, most women have difficulty having an orgasm during penetration anyhow - so what matters more is that a guy is good with his hands. What does make a difference to a woman is that a guy is clean, moderately groomed and appears healthy down there. Any weird bumps, red marks, or smells are going to be an insta-turnoff. To keep the area in tip-top shape a man should use a penis vitamin cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) that is packed with nutrients and natural emollients that can help keep the skin healthy, youthful and responsive.