Every man wants to believe he is a sex god of epic proportions, but even the most seasoned veteran has a move or two that falls flat in the bedroom. Unfortunately, most women are too embarrassed or afraid of hurting a guy’s feelings to tell him when he is doing something wrong. Before falling into the old tried and true same old sex routine tonight, better double check the list to make sure the go-to moves aren’t on the list of things women actually hate. Once a guy has cleaned up his repertoire with these sex tips and eliminated the no-no’s, he should also do a once over on his penis care routine to make sure his hygiene practices are up to par. After all, a healthy penis is the first -- and most important -- step to a healthy sex life.

The One Move Wonder

Some guys, having learned about and successfully found the clitoris, wrongly believe this is the best - and only - tool they need in order to get their woman where she needs to be. These men tend to go down town right away and hit the clit fast and furious, ignoring the entire rest of a woman’s treasure chest. While clitoral stimulation is important, and often key to a woman having an orgasm, it is important to change it up, explore other areas and vary techniques when navigating her lady parts. Going too hard or fast right away can also desensitize a woman and have the opposite effect, stalling or even stopping her orgasm altogether.

The Dirty Boy

Just because a guy is into S&M, spanking, golden showers and other kinky sex acts does not mean she necessarily is. Being sexually adventurous is okay, so long as both partners are in on the fun and interested in new and risqué positions, techniques or role playing coming into the bedroom. A guy who surprises his girl with an exceptionally dirty move, too much dirty talk, or an adult film simulation may be surprised to find himself suddenly sleeping alone.

The Moving Target

Men who fancy themselves a love expert may have attended seminars, watched way too many adult films, and committed the entire Kama Sutra to memory. Thus, they approach a lovemaking session as though they have to prove how many awesome moves they know. The result? A woman who is being poked, prodded, flipped and flopped every which way without being able to enjoy a single position or action for long. If a guy finds a move she is enjoying, he should go with it rather than moving quickly from one to another, all he is doing is killing is own mojo and frustrating his partner!

The Never Ending Story

Guys seem to abide by the myth that sex needs to last 2, 3, or 4 hours long in order to be good, and both partners should have multiple orgasms every time. Sure, she may feel like an all-nighter from time to time, but quickies or just a normal single sexual experience with one orgasm is okay, too. She’s got things to do tomorrow, and she needs to get some sleep, so every sexual experience does not have to drag on forever - who has time for that?


A little dirty talk and being enthusiastic about one’s partner is a good thing; but going completely over the top in describing what she feels like, looks like, or tastes like is sure to be cringe worthy for most women. She doesn’t want to hear how beautiful her flower is, how sweet her nectar is, or other gross descriptive statements of her body parts or fluids.

Updating the Penis Care Routine

Now that guys know what girls hate between the sheets, they can also clean up the act down below. Keeping the penis hair trimmed and orderly is preferred by most girls, as it reduces penile odor, stops poking and itching, and makes it easier to see a man’s package - it also makes it look bigger! A clean, smooth penis is also preferable and makes oral sex that much more enjoyable for her - she doesn’t want to be up close to a funky, bumpy junk after all. Using a daily penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can reduce and eliminate many of a man’s most embarrassing penis issues including: penis acne, dry skin, itchy penis, red penis, penis rash, and penis odor. Use daily after the shower - the ladies are sure to notice a difference.