A guy can find himself with an erect penis for any number of reasons (such as just being a guy), but some men have special triggers. For those with a foot fetish, it can be the sight of a bare sole on the beach or a comely ankle peeking out of a sandal strap. While a foot fetish can be entirely harmless, in some instances a man needs to take steps to ensure that this inclination does not have a negative impact on his penis health. And in some cases, a man may need to take steps to incorporate his foot-fixated fantasies into his actual sex life.

What is a foot fetish?

The foot fetish, also called podophilia, is any kind of pronounced sexual interest in or obsession involving the foot. It is thought to be the most common sexual fetish related to a body part.

A foot fetish can take any number of forms. For example, a person may be fixated on one particular part of the foot (such as the toes or the ankle) or on the foot as a whole. Some may be focused only on a foot that is devoid of clothing, while others may find a stocking-clad foot or a foot encased in black leather pumps to be especially exciting.

How a man responds to his particular interest can also take many different forms. Some men enjoy masturbating while viewing a foot from afar or while stroking or kissing a foot up close. Others prefer that there be contact between the penis and the foot, either by the man rubbing his penis against an accommodating appendage or by the foot in question stroking the penis. Sometimes the fetish involves forceful application of the foot, resulting in physical pain to the penis. (Others times that is the farthest thing from a man's mind!)

Introducing the fetish

For many men, keeping their podophilia as a fantasy is all that they require; in fact, for some actually engaging in real fetish activity would not be enjoyable. But many men are frustrated by keeping the fetish in the realm of fantasy and would like to be able to indulge it with their partners.

Bringing up a fetish of any kind can be difficult for many people. These tips may make this easier.

- Be sure. If involved in a long term relationship, a man can pretty much figure out how his partner will react. And if the fetish is an important part of a man, it's important to be able to share it with his partner. But he needs to be sure that he feels comfortable and confident before bringing the matter up.

- Be proud. There's nothing wrong with having a foot fetish. People do not have control over what arouses and excites them. Rather than being embarrassed, a man should share this information as being a part of what makes him the man he is.

- Be specific. Things will be easier for a partner if she knows what is being asked of her. Her vision of a foot fetish may differ from his. The man should calmly relate the things that he specifically finds alluring and what activities he would be interested in pursuing.

Acting on a foot fetish may please an erect penis, but it can come with some consequences. Feet do carry bacteria and potentially fungi. A man should make sure that the feet in question are washed and should cleanse his penis after foot-based contact. It also helps to use a top-notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) regularly. A crème with natural moisturizers will keep his penis looking good and feeling smooth, making it more likely that a foot will welcome the touch of that penis. In addition, if the crème has vitamin A, it will then have properties that help it fight any bacteria that have lingered on the foot and been passed to the penis. The regular use of a crème will make the foot fetish experience more pleasurable for both parties.