For many men with a hard penis, sex is all about the achievement of penetration, a mindset that ignores the possibilities of fun and pleasure in sexual foreplay. When a man is so intent on one specific goal where sex is concerned, it can make the experience limiting for him as well as for his partner, who may be interested in a more playful pre-penetrative approach. Assuming that a man regularly practices appropriate penis care, there's no reason why he shouldn't be able to sit back and enjoy the use of his penis during amusing foreplay activities.

What are some of the fun foreplay uses to which a man's hard penis can be put before it settles comfortably into place inside the waiting vagina?

Scratching post. Sometimes a partner has an itch in her outer labia. The thoughtful male will gladly offer his hard penis for her to rub against in order to make that itch go away (and be replaced with a more pleasant itch of sexual desire).

Breast massager. How can a woman enjoy sex if her breasts are tense and achy? A man can help by using his hands to knead the breasts and release some of that tension; sometimes, however, a woman may want to have something firmer and more solid to roll against those stubborn areas that need a little something extra.

Tasting assistant. Incorporating food into sexual foreplay can be an exquisite experience, but what if a partner just can't decide what flavors she is in the mood for? Here the helpful male organ can again come in handy. Bring to the bedroom a number of foodstuffs, such as flavored whipped cream, creamy dips, bottles of special wines, peanut butter, etc. Rather than, say, sticking a finger into the dip or peanut butter to taste it, the partner can spread a little on the penis and sample its savory flavor in that way.

Aroma therapy aid. Scents can be extremely arousing and can make foreplay even more exciting. There are many aromas, such as those associated with vanilla, roses and cinnamon, that are said to have an aphrodisiacal benefit. As with the food mentioned above, it can be helpful to bring samples of various sensual scents to bed, and then apply a few drops to the man's tool so that the partner can get a better whiff. (Do, however, avoid putting perfumes or alcohol-based scents on the penis, as this may cause a sharp stinging sensation.) Then offer the scented rod to the partner's waiting nose for a new olfactory experience.

Grip strengthener. It benefits a person to have a strong grip, but getting one requires some exercise. Perhaps a man's partner has some needs in this area and could use a little assistance. When that is the case, offering one's hard penis for use is the only sensible thing to do. The gentleman should courteously offer his erect tool for the partner to place in her grip to firmly squeeze and release, squeeze and release, in order to work the muscles in her hand. She may even want to practice squeezing and releasing on different parts of the man's penis, to develop the grip further.

Clearly, a man can offer his hard penis for some sexual foreplay activities that are sure to produce a fun time and can even help out his lady love in unexpected ways. However, he should have on hand a quality penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to make sure his member is in proper shape for these activities. Some, such as the grip strengthening exercise, might result in a bit of penis soreness; therefore, choosing a cream with ingredients like Shea butter and alpha lipoic acid, which can alleviate soreness, is a must. It's also beneficial if the cream includes L-arginine, which is an aid in creating nitric oxide, which in turn impacts penis blood flow. Keeping the blood flowing in and out of the manhood is essential for continued organ health and function.