When a man has a burning, itchy penis, he will do anything to alleviate it. The good news is that in most cases, figuring out what caused it in the first place can point a man in the right direction for relief. Though some situations can be figured out and handled at home, others will require the help of a physician - but all will require excellent penis care to ensure proper healing.

The list of things that can cause an itchy penis is rather long, but what about things that can cause a burning sensation along with that maddening itch? These four issues can often lead to an itch and a burn.

1. Jock itch. It happens all the time, and not just to guys who frequent the gym. Jock itch is a red, itchy rash that spreads all over the penis and surrounding area, but especially loves to make itself known in the creases, such as where the buttocks meet the thighs or where the scrotum touches the leg. It grows wildly in areas that are dark, warm and moist - exactly like the groin area. In many cases, over the counter medications can do the trick, but sometimes a man who has a burning and itchy penis situation that spirals out of control should see a doctor for stronger medications.

2. Allergic reactions. This is another of those situations that can probably be handled at home. The skin of a man’s penis is quite sensitive, and that means that any changes in the environment can affect it in a way that might not affect other areas of skin. Something as simple as a new detergent, a new cleanser in the shower or even getting up close and personal with a lady and her perfume can be enough to lead to burning, itchy hives. Antihistamines can help, but finding the problem and eliminating it is essential.

3. Yeast infections. Contrary to popular belief, yeast infections are not just a ‘woman’s problem.’ Men can get them as well, and even the best penis care can sometimes not protect him. That’s because some women will have a yeast infection for quite some time with no symptoms at all, and thus they have no idea there is an overgrowth of yeast - but then the man’s penis pays the price. The bad news is that a yeast infection calls for a trip to the doctor. The good news is that treatment is quick and very thorough.

4. Eczema. This extremely dry skin condition can show up anywhere on the body, including the penis and surrounding area. The itchy penis can drive a man a little nuts, especially since nothing seems to ease it. However, relief can be achieved by using topical crèmes and avoiding the urge to scratch. A visit to a physician is necessary to get strong medications that will bring the problem under control, and it’s essential to learn the rules of good penis care with eczema - a doctor can help with that, too.

Battling back against dry skin

In all these cases, dry penis skin is often the result, even after a successful treatment. To help alleviate the burning, itchy penis sensation before it even begins, a man should look to good penis care - and that includes daily use of a top-notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . A crème containing vitamin E and Shea butter for a one-two punch of hydration is essential in the battle for smooth, supple penis skin. A man can also look to vitamins C and D for their healing properties in the aftermath of an itchy penis incident.