When a man is eager to dive into penis games, he might have some really interesting thoughts in mind. But the last thing a guy wants to do is play with something fun in bed - such as body paint - and then wind up with an itchy penis in the aftermath. The good news is that some careful attention to the types of penis games he’s playing, as well as great penis care afterward, can help ensure that a man has all the fun of the games but none of the itchy aftermath.

Fun with body paint

Many couples like the idea of body paint as a way to become more intimate and explore fun in bed. Body paint can definitely be a boon to a couple’s enjoyment! But the key lies in choosing the right kind of paint to get the job done without leading to skin issues as soon as the fun is over.

Start by looking for body paint that is specifically designed to be used on the skin. In fact, go a step further and find even more gentle paints that are designed to be used on any part of the body, including the penis. These paints will be entirely non-toxic and usually derived from all-natural ingredients. Keep in mind they might not actually be billed as ‘body paints.’ They might be called ‘body makeup’ or ‘liquid makeup’ or the like.

Before breaking out the paints for fun on the penis and other sensitive areas, make sure the paint really will be okay on sensitive skin. To that end, try doing a test patch a few days ahead of time to make sure there is no reaction. Do this testing on a patch of skin that is rather sensitive, such as the inside of the elbow, the backside of the knee, the inner thigh, or anywhere else where relatively thin and sensitive skin resides. If there is any redness or rash that appears after use, that’s a sign that it should not go on the penis!

Keep in mind that this test must be done a few days ahead of time to account for any delayed reactions. Some paints might seem fine at first, and the skin will only react badly to them several days later. This test will help a guy avoid that problem.

Preparation and aftermath

When a guy is preparing for the fun of body paint with a partner, there are a few things he can do to make the session much more fun. Since body paint sometimes stains fabrics, it’s a good idea to put an old set of sheets on the bed, just in case. If he’s going to play with the paint elsewhere, it’s a good idea to cover furniture, the floor or the like with a sheet or blanket that he won’t mind getting stained.

Some couples choose to shave their nether regions in order to make the paint go on more smoothly. This is an option for a guy, but he must do it a few days before the big event. Shaving immediately before can leave tiny cuts on the skin, which can lead to stinging or even infection if they are invaded by the body paint.

Once the fun is over and the body paint experience is a fond memory, a guy should clean the paint from the skin gently but firmly, using a good cleanser he knows will not irritate the area. He can then turn to the moisturizing powers of Shea butter and vitamin E in a high-quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). This intense hydration can help prevent any dryness that might occur after the big event, alleviate an itchy penis problem and keep his member in great shape for future penis games that he wants to try.