Penis odor is a common complaint; female partners, as well as men, often write complaining of a fishy or "mushroomy" smell emanating from a man’s nether regions. While normal sweating and poor attention to washing are certainly potential causes, they are not the only reason for bad penis smells. However, with the right attention to penis care on a daily basis, including cleansing and applying a penis health formula, the majority of men may be able to reduce or eliminate the sources of penis odor.

Some of the most common sources of penis odor are discussed here. Men who experience foul odors that are accompanied by an unusual discharge, fever, headache, lower back pain or any other flu-like symptoms should see a doctor for prompt medical diagnosis and treatment.

1.Poor personal hygiene. While poor hygiene is not the only cause of penis smells, it is the most obvious, and it can certainly be an issue. A daily shower to wash away accumulated sweat, dead skin cells and other substances can go a long way toward eliminating bad smells. An intact foreskin should get special attention, as sloughed-off dermal cells and skin oils can accumulate underneath, contributing to an unpleasant aroma.

2. Yeast infection. Even the cleanest penis may develop a yeast infection from time to time, especially in men who are sexually active. Aside from symptoms such as itching, burning, swelling and a cottage cheese-like discharge, a fishy smell can develop in the presence of a yeast infection. Cleaning the area may temporarily solve the problem, but clearing up the yeast infection is necessary to completely get rid of the odor. When a yeast infection does occur, both sexual partners should be treated, as the infection is easily passed from one person to another through sexual contact.

3. Bacteria. Bacteria are the source of most unpleasant body odors, including those that come from the feet, armpits, mouth and groin area. Not all of these bacteria are harmful, and not all of them cause infection, but they do create a range of bad smells. Regular washing can help to an extent, but body odors related to bacteria tend to be a fact of life for many people. Reducing or eliminating odor-causing bacteria through the application of natural antibacterials such as vitamin A may constitute a more long-lasting solution to the problem.

How to care for the penis and eliminate unpleasant odors

Caring for the penis properly and decreasing the likelihood of developing an infection is essential in avoiding unpleasant penis odors. Men of all ages, even those who are not sexually active, may be able to get rid of that fishy smell and promote overall penis health by following the steps described here.

1. Keep it clean. Washing with a mild cleanser is the first and most obvious step in eliminating penis odor. Men who have an intact foreskin should pull the skin back (gently) and clean away the accumulated skin cells and other matter that attract odor-producing bacteria.

2. Use barrier protection. A condom may not prevent all cases of yeast infection, but it can lower the risk of contracting a yeast infection from a sexual partner that can cause foul odors, as well as severe itching and an unpleasant discharge.

3. Treat the area with natural antibacterials. Treating the male organ skin with the nourishing vitamins, minerals and antioxidants found in an all-natural penis health formula (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) may be an effective solution. Vitamin A, for example, is known for its antimicrobial properties and may be a more long-lasting means of eliminating unpleasant penis odors.