Yes, that time of year is coming when little goblins, scary ghosties and woeful witches will descend upon a man’s home in search of treats - and ready to play dreadful tricks if they go away empty-handed. Halloween is a wonderful time to be a kid, but that doesn’t mean children get to have all the fun at the end of October. No, adults should be open to adding a little Halloween fun into their sex lives (just as long as the kiddies aren’t around)! Using Halloween to make a happy penis even happier should be on every guy’s agenda. By exercising just a little caution, it doesn’t even have to threaten his penis health - because that’s one scare that no dude likes, even at Halloween!

So what are some seasonal games and activities that a couple of consenting adults can get into?

Scary movie, happy penis

Celebrate the ghoulish season by watching a horrifying movie with a partner, but add a few twists to the viewing. For example, scary movies are full of people saying or doing ridiculous things. So every time a male character says or does something stupid - like going into a creepy house alone - the male viewer takes off a piece of clothing; ditto for the female viewer when a woman in the film, say, opens the door when she really shouldn’t. The first partner who gets totally naked then gets orally pleasured by the other partner. (The variations on this are endless, so adapt as seems appropriate.)

Mutual body painting

Wearing costumes for Halloween is fun. Painting a costume on a lover is ecstasy. Purchase a supply of body paints, strip down and let those artistic impulses go wild. For more fun, take turns, with one partner painting the other for a few minutes and then the other returning the favor. Be sure to pay extra attention to getting the genitals, buttocks and breasts just right - even if it takes all night. (One word of caution: although body paints should be labelled as safe for use, it’s best to avoid getting any inside the vagina - so washing that masterpiece off a guy’s penis before penetration is strongly advised.)

Scary role playing

Role playing can be fun at any time of the year, but taking advantage of the outre costume choices available at Halloween can make it even more delightful. This is a perfect time to unleash that howling inner wolfman fantasy, or to let her indulge in evil witchy behavior. And space aliens with realistic tentacles can add something very interesting to sex play.

Dress up the toys

Couples who already employ sex toys in their activities may want to make them more Halloween-appropriate as well. It could be as simple as painting that cock ring orange, adding drops of fake blood to harness straps or letting the dildo or anal plug wear a vampire cape when not in use.

Bring out the treats

Food is a big part of Halloween, so incorporate some into sex play. Dripping a little chocolate sauce on a pair of breasts and lovingly licking it off or offering a generous helping of whipped cream on a generous penis to an eager partner can be fun for all concerned.

The above Halloween suggestions can definitely make for a happy penis - but so can taking steps to keep that penis equally as healthy. For that, it’s best to daily apply a first rate penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). For best results, locate a crème that includes both vitamin A and a potent antioxidant. Also known as retinol, vitamin A has anti-bacterial properties which are invaluable in fighting the kind of persistent penis odor that ruins many a relationship. And alpha lipoic acid, a very powerful antioxidant, is great for fighting free radicals which can otherwise lead to unwanted oxidative stress. And that’s scarier than anything Halloween has to offer.