When a boy discovers masturbation, he’s found a surefire source of fun for life. But after a few years, he may grow a little tired of the same old strokes and seek ways to switch things up. Often this involves new positions or sex toys, but another alternative is to explore pleasure points other than the penis. Having spent so many years attending to penis care, it may behoove a guy to also get to know other parts of his body equally well.

Pleasure points

Pleasure points are essentially any part of the body that responds positively to touch - but in this case, it’s specifically focusing on those body parts that generate some form of erotic arousal when properly stimulated.

It’s clear to see why men would focus almost exclusively on the penis as a pleasure point during masturbation. The organ is filled with all those tiny, deeply sensitive nerve endings that are just begging for a little attention.

But there are plenty of other pleasure points not directly on the penis that can also be stimulated. Men who are looking for a masturbatory change of pace are encouraged to consider letting their hands wander beyond the member. Some men are able to bring about an ejaculation solely through stimulating these other pleasure points, but at the very least a man should stroke and caress these as his own brand of foreplay before putting the matter well into literal hands.

Among the many possible pleasure points on a man’s body are:

- The nipples. Women aren’t the only ones who can get a shiver from having attention directed to their nipples. A guy can start by lying back, closing his eyes and running the fingers of one hand gently around one nipple, then the other. After a minute, engage the other hand as well. For many men, simple circular strokes is intensely arousing; others enjoy the occasional tweak or pinch of the nipple.

- The balls. They’re right there below the overworked penis, just begging for some attention - but too many dudes just let the balls hand there untouched. Cupping the balls, gently squeezing them, jiggling them or simply running a finger all over and around them is enjoyable - and easy to work into any masturbation routine.

- The perineum. The perineum is the space between the balls and the anus. This is a very sensitive area, receptive to hand stroking, rubbing and kneading. Many men find that placing one hand over the balls and letting the middle fingers stroke back and forth produces a powerful erotic response.

- The anus. It’s a shame that too many straight men get hung up on anal play, because the anus - and especially the prostate - is one of the most erotically sensitive places on the body. If a guy is alone, though, who’s going to know if he explores his posterior? Starting with one probing finger is a good idea - and making sure it’s well lubricated, of course. Those who find the experience gratifying can add more fingers or move on to a range of anal sex toys that can truly make for an intense masturbatory experience.

Keep the penis ready for action

Incorporating other pleasure points into the masturbation routine opens new vistas, but it doesn’t mean that the penis can be ignored. It still needs its daily application of a first rate penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) in order to stay healthy and peppy. Since masturbation sometimes gets a little rough, a crème with a combination of moisturizers (think a high end emollient like Shea butter and a natural hydrator like vitamin E) is needed to soothe sore and damaged penis skin. The proper crème should also include vitamin A, as the antibacterial properties go a long way toward battling persistent penis odor - a huge problem for so many guys. With supportive treatment, a man’s penis can be supple and appealing whenever it is on display.