When a guy has a hard penis, there's usually only one thing on his mind: putting it to work and reaping the benefits of its sturdiness. There are plenty of tips about how to manipulate that hard penis sexually, but why stop there? A man with a good track record in penis care with a tumescent tool at his disposable shouldn't limit himself to a bout in bed (with a partner or himself). Why, if a man puts his mind to it, there must be dozens of good uses for an erect member.

What might some of those be?

- A measuring stick. Just about every guy who ever lived has taken the time to measure his firm rod and likely has memorized exactly how big his manhood is. (It's amazing how many men, when calculating the size themselves, become members of the foot-long club.) And considering just how often that boner pops up for action, most guys could easily measure that wood that needs to be cut just by opening up the zipper.

- A tie rack. Sometimes that morning wood just doesn't go away and is still hanging around while a guy gets dressed for work. Why not take advantage of it? When deciding between several ties, hang the extras on your own personal tie rack while you try each one on.

- A doorbell push. It is so annoying when a guy comes home with his arms full of groceries only to discover the door is locked, he can't get to his keys and he can't reach the doorbell. Why not make use of the mid-level appendage? Sure, there's the small matter of how a guy can pull it out with his arms full, but if a guy encourages his rod to think there's a reward awaiting him on the other side of the door, he might not need to expose it at all - it can do the job through his clothes.

- A rolling pin. What happens if a guy is baking bread but discovers his rolling pin is missing? The answer is obvious. Pour a little flour on the perky pecker and get that loaf in the oven!

- A meat tenderizer. Beating meat takes on new meaning when a man is ready to pound a tough steak and finds his wooden mallet is nowhere around. Fortunately, the fleshy version is always at hand. Using the tube snake to beat the tube steak makes the whole process more fun.

- A paintbrush. This is not as unusual as it may sound, as a quick internet search will reveal a number of men who are known for turning their sex tools into artist's tools. Dipping a hard penis in a little body-safe paint and applying it to canvas takes some special skill (and balance), but those with artistic tendencies and an active sex drive may find it very rewarding.

As one can see from the above tips, the non-sexual uses for a hard penis are many. Of course, whatever uses one puts it to, a man needs to make certain that its health is not compromised. Using a top-drawer penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is one of the best ways to maintain the health of that manhood. When a man handles his tool, or has it handled by others, on a frequent basis, sometimes an overaggressive touch can cause some loss of sensation. A crème with neuroprotective acetyl L-carnitine is ideal for helping to restore lost sensitivity to a roughly-handled rod. Men also need to find a cream that contains vitamin E to keep the penis moisturized. Vitamin E forms a barrier that helps prevent cracked, dry or flaky penis skin from developing. That's good news for men, their tools and people who handle those tools for them.