A healthy penis is a number one goal for most men, and there are many things that a man can do to help ensure his continued penis health. One of those things, surprisingly, is to be aware of his diet choices and to take steps to ensure a better, healthier eating pattern. It’s a boon for the entire body, but it also pays off in terms of keeping the equipment in fine fettle, as well.

A big gut = an unhealthy penis

By this point, every person on the planet knows that being overweight is bad for the health. Obesity is associated with many general health issues, including high blood pressure, cardiac issues and diabetes. It also can have an impact on sexual functioning. Obesity has been linked in studies to testosterone deficiency; when a man’s testosterone levels drop, his sex drive is negatively impacted. In addition, being overweight causes one to tire more quickly, so that even if a guy is primed for action, he may lack the energy to carry it through to completion in a satisfying manner.

Obesity also is linked with plaque build-up in arteries, which can be dangerous. Penis arteries are often among the first to be affected by plaque, being significantly more narrow than cardiac arteries. And that plaque attack can hamper the free flow of blood to the penis, affecting erectile quality and durability.

Good foods for the penis

In general, any food that helps a man maintain a healthy weight is food that is good for the penis. Each man is different, and every man thinking about embarking on changes to his diet choices should first consult a doctor to determine if there are foods he should avoid. In general, however, the best options are the sensible ones:

1) bulk up on fruits and vegetables (especially fresh ones when possible);

2) cut down on salt intake;

3) don’t let a sweet tooth go crazy (and that includes being careful with sugary drinks);

4) favor lean white meats over fatty red ones; and

5) be moderate in alcohol consumption.

In addition to these general diet choices, there are several nutritional choices that are often associated with a healthier, more energetic penis. These include:

Fish - but not all fish. Omega-3 fatty acids are thought to have a positive impact on penis health, and these are often found in abundance in fish. The problem is that some fish contain toxins that can send testosterone levels down. Salmon, tuna and sea bass are best bets for being a good source of the Omega-3 acids, and they are less likely to contain large quantities of testosterone-reducing toxins.

Nuts. One of the hallmarks of a healthy penis is its ability to get and maintain an erection; erections are aided by the presence of nitric oxide, which helps to open up the penis blood vessels so that more blood can rush in and fill up the spongy tissue of the penis. Therefore, boosting nitric oxide (or L-arginine, which aids in the creation of nitric oxide) is important for penis health - and nuts are good at doing just that.

Blueberries (and many other berries). Blueberries are an excellent choice for overall health and can also keep the penis happy. Like nuts, blueberries are valuable in aiding proper penis blood flow and keeping arteries open.

Diet choices are just part of a proper penis health regimen: regular use (through either masturbation or partner sex) is also key (even if it does occasionally result in a sore penis), as is using a first rate penis nutrient cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). Compound the good that nuts and blueberries do by using a cream that include L-arginine, which as stated above is an important aid in the process by which penis blood flow remains vibrant. Also important in choosing a cream is finding one that includes alpha lipoic acid, a powerhouse antioxidant that offsets the aging process in penis cell metabolism and helps keep the penis looking more youthful.