Every man (hopefully) knows that using a condom is one good way to help maintain a healthy penis. In addition to being a big aid in terms of birth control, the condom is also helpful in safeguarding penis health by reducing the risk of contracting STIs. Unfortunately, condoms have some drawbacks - and that is why some scientists are investigating the possibility of a spray-on condom.


Any man who has used a condom knows that there are some drawbacks associated with it. First and foremost is probably the time that it can take to apply one.

Suppose a man has found himself, happily but unexpectedly, with a delectable woman in his embrace. Things move quickly as passion builds up. The couple agrees to take things to the ultimate level sexually and both are primed to go. Unfortunately, the man must locate his condom, pull it out from the drawer in which it resides, find a way to tear open the package without tearing open the condom, unroll it enough for application and fit it across his erect member - and all the time that he is engaging in this behavior, he must keep the steamy mood intact. In the heat of the moment, the relatively short amount of time it takes to apply a condom can seem like an eternity.

But there are other drawbacks, of course. Getting a condom with a proper fit - not too tight, not too loose - is important, but can be a challenge. After trial and error, a man finds what fits, but trial and error is not what one wants with a condom.

In addition, some men have latex allergies which require them to use non-latex kinds. These are available but not as easy to find.

The spray-on version

For these and other reasons, scientists are investigating the viability of a condom that can be sprayed on the penis.

The theory goes: A form of latex could be created to go in an aerosol-type can. When a man needs a condom, he simply reaches for the can, sprays it on his erect penis and creates a latex sheath that enables him to engage in protected sex without unwrapping and unrolling a traditional condom.


One of the benefits is very clear: A spray-on condom would be custom fit to the manhood at hand. There would be nothing too loose or too tight, and therefore no worries about it slipping off or constricting blood flow.

Scientists also theorize that this would increase the effectiveness of condom use; most issues with condom effectiveness are related to the manner in which they are used, rather than to problems with the condoms themselves.


But spray-on condoms might have issues of their own. Of greatest concern is the drying time. Can one be created that will dry speedily? Waiting several minutes for this to happen defeats the purpose of it.

There are also questions about how long such a condom would last; can they develop one that is sure to last through a lengthy sexual encounter? Also of concern: How easy will it be for a man to know, at the height of his excitement, that he has covered his entire package without leaving any spots unprotected?

The spray-on condom is still many years in the future, so these questions are sure to be addressed. In the meantime, ensuring a healthy penis means not only using a typical, traditional condom for STI prevention but also regularly applying a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to attend to everyday penis health concerns. For example, many men sport a manhood that carries a persistent unwanted odor. A crème with vitamin A, which has strong anti-bacterial properties, can help to fight this problem. It also helps to use a crème with alpha lipoic acid, a potent antioxidant that offsets harmful oxidative processes in penis cell metabolism which can give a member an aging, wrinkled look. Keep it healthy, keep it happy.