A healthy penis is something that every man desires. When the penis is in good shape, a dude just naturally feels better physically - and feels better about himself, mentally. Most guys know about the physical factors that can affect penis health, but not everyone is aware that less tangible factors, such as stress, can also impact the health of the member. In fact, stress can play a fairly large role in the wellbeing of the penis.


In today's bustling society, stress is a common occurrence for many men (and women). The following statistics from the American Institute for Stress give an indication of how common and dangerous stress can be in American life:

- 44% of Americans feel more stressed today than five years ago.

- 60% of all illnesses have stress as a possible cause.

- 75% of visits to the doctor are for stress-related reasons.

- The cost of stress-related ailments in the U.S. is estimated at $300 billion annually.

Stress is directly implicated in many physical ailments and conditions. These include cardiac issues, hypertension, eating disorders, sleeping issues and drug and alcohol abuse.

Stress and the penis

Not surprisingly, the penis is not immune from the effects of stress. There are several ways that stress affects an otherwise healthy penis. The most commons stress-related issues with the penis are:

- Penis shrinkage. Men who are experiencing high levels of stress frequently find that their penis is somewhat smaller than when they are feeling more at ease. Stress has a "cold shower" effect on the penis; it is by no means permanent, but it can cause embarrassment for men who feel sensitive about the size of their endowment.

- Erectile dysfunction. Even more troubling for many men is the fact that stress often has a negative effect on one’s ability to produce and maintain an erection - or on the hardness of that erection when maintained. The reasons for this are fairly simple. When a man feels stressed, certain hormone levels are heightened; when these particular hormones are in the blood, they cause the vessels to narrow. This in turn impedes the ability of blood to flow freely into the penis, which is necessary for successful erectile function.

- Diminished testosterone. When stress levels go up, testosterone goes down. This can also contribute to erectile issues, as well as having a negative impact on a person's sex drive.

Stress relief

Managing stress is crucial both for overall health and to maintain a healthy penis. Complete stress management is an involved process, but the following are some basic tips that can help in reducing stress.

- Determine triggers. Different things set different people off; what may be intensely stressful for one man may be only mildly troubling for another and have absolutely no effect on a third. Identifying causes of stress is the first step in diffusing it.

- Pick out areas of control. Some stress triggers are largely out of one's control; others are such that an individual can make changes. Identifying these and developing strategies to deal with them is important. (For example, if driving through traffic to work causes stress, try to find a different route or see if there are options such as car-pooling or public transportation to consider.)

- Find relaxation systems. Meditation, yoga, tai-chi and massage are among the methods many use to boost relaxation and hinder stress. Finding ways to obtain true relaxation can make a sizable impact on an individual's stress levels.

- Keep a healthy penis. A man will stress out less if his penis is kept in overall good health. Daily application of a quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) helps maintain that health. Especially beneficial is a crème with L-arginine, which boosts nitric oxide production and thereby keeps penile blood vessels open for increased blood flow. In addition, the crème must include vitamin D. This vitamin is called the "miracle vitamin" for its role in keeping cell functionality at a high level. Using Man1 Man Oil helps keep the penis supple and fit - giving a man one less thing to worry about.