There are a lot of healthy penis tips that may seem overly obvious - which doesn't mean one should ignore them, of course. Many of the most obvious ones, such as checking for STIs or practicing good penile hygiene, are the backbone of appropriate penis care. But there are some methods of ensuring a healthy penis which simply may not occur to a guy. That doesn't mean they shouldn't be followed, however.

Keep the teeth clean.

This is one of the most surprising pieces of advice: Pay very close attention to oral hygiene.

One may well ask why the state of one's teeth and gums should have any effect on an organ that is several feet away and not directly connected to the mouth.

Yet oral health can have an impact on penis health. Several studies have found a link between gum disease and erectile dysfunction. When teeth are not kept healthy, bacteria forms. The immune system attacks these bacteria, but some seep into the bloodstream. When too much of them build up in the blood, it can damage blood vessels and subsequently blood flow. And good blood vessels and blood flow are essential for proper penile functioning. So it's strongly advised to brush and floss properly every day.

Careful with the laptop.

Modern communications are a marvel which allow us to access tons of information just about anywhere. It's now a common sight to see guys sitting on trains, benches, sofas, etc. with a laptop cradled on their laps, tapping away for hours on end and reaping the benefits.

And also possibly reaping the detriments as well. Placing the laptop so close to the crotch may not be good for maintaining a healthy penis. A lot of heat occurs with long-term laptop use, and high levels of heat on the testicles can have a negative effect on both sperm creation and testosterone production. So, guys, keep the laptop on a table and off the crotch whenever possible.

Beware cold and allergy medicine.

No one particularly wants to have a cold or an allergy, but for men it's necessary to be careful about what one uses to treat these common ailments. Many over-the-counter medicines commonly used for colds and allergies include pseudoephedrine, which can have a negative effect on erectile function. (In fact, one of the treatments for priapism - a dangerously long-lasting erection - is pseudoephedrine.) If possible, men need to utilize treatments that do not contain this ingredient.

Kick butts.

This doesn't refer to getting into a brawl but to kicking the smoking habit. Smoking is simply bad for a person, period; one reason why this is so is that it does damage to the penis. Smoking is another factor in blood vessel damage, and a significant one. One study has shown that men who gave up smoking experienced a substantial boost in the number and quality of their erections in as little as 8 weeks.

In addition to these more obscure tips for a healthy penis, there's a very important obvious one: Regularly apply a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to the manhood. The appropriate crème will address many common penile health issues. For example, a crème with L-arginine helps with penile blood flow issues. L-arginine boosts nitric oxide production, which in turn plays a role in keeping those vessels healthy and open. In addition, a crème with a potent antioxidant such as alpha lipoic acid further aids in general penis health. Alpha lipoic acid fights harmful oxidative and aging processes in penile cells, keeping at bay the premature aging of those cells and improving the overall look of the organ. The simple step of applying Man1 Man Oil daily can enable a man to maintain a higher penile health profile with ease.