Recent news stories about a man whose silicone injections have resulted in a seven-pound penis generated a lot of views - and raised questions about whether such a member could be considered a healthy penis. Penile silicone injections obviously raise red flags about proper penis health and anyone considering such a course of action should think twice.

All about size

In the case mentioned above, the individual underwent four separate silicone injection procedures in both his penis and scrotum. The result is a seven-pound member that measures nine inches long and three inches wide.

Clearly, where size is concerned, this is quite impressive. But it's also quite impractical. As the owner of this massive member admits, he can't have sex in any traditional way and such activities as urinating while standing or finding pants that fit are challenging.

This is an extreme case, but men who inject silicone into an otherwise healthy penis generally do so because they are attempting to make their manhoods larger. It's understandable that men like to have a member the size of which makes a statement, but when this desire becomes an obsession, it can become dangerous.


There is some debate as to whether penile silicone injections in a proper medical setting and performed by qualified medical personnel is advantageous and safe; however, under no circumstances should this procedure be performed by anyone who is not a qualified medical professional.

A 2012 article in the journal Urology Annals reported on five cases of silicone injection which were performed by non-medical personnel. In all five cases, the patients presented with penises that were grossly deformed and several of which featured ulcerations, discharges and other unpleasant side effects. Sexual performance was impacted in these cases.

And deadly

Lasting complications such as these are of great concern; however, of even greater concern is the possibility of death that can accompany silicone injections. In 2012, an unlicensed New Jersey practitioner was arrested after a patient died following penile injections administered by her.

Unfortunately, some reports indicate that illegal silicone injections are on the rise. While official documentation is hard to come by, according to news outlets anecdotal evidence suggests that more men are experimenting with this procedure, often by way of injection parties where groups of men engage in the practice.

It's easy to understand why liquid silicone might not be the most appropriate material to introduce into the body. This is, after all, a molding product that creates rubber, foam and metal items, such as spatulas or the nipples used in baby bottles. Its effective use in these areas does not automatically make it an appropriate substance to inject in the body.

In some cases, a man may have a desire to try a penile silicone injection that goes beyond wanting "bragging right." For example, a small percentage of men do have micropenises and may have a legitimate physical need to increase penile length. But even in such cases, a man needs to consult with a qualified and reliable medical professional to discuss the risks associated with penile silicone injections and determine an appropriate course of action.

An obsession with size can lead to dangerous decisions such as illegal penile injections; it can also cause one to ignore the importance of maintaining an all-around healthy penis. Too many men focus on size and not on health. More men need to regularly use a top-notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil), which is an easy way to maintain general penis health. For example, using a crème with vitamin A, which possesses strong anti-bacterial properties, helps to alleviate persistently strong penis odor, a common issue among men. A crème with L-arginine, which is helpful in nitric oxide production, can help to keep penile blood vessels open and more receptive to proper blood flow. Dealing with such everyday health issues can be far more valuable than risking organ health in pursuit of size.