From the moment that cell phones became popular, there has been concern about how these indispensable instruments of modern communications might impact a person's health. One of the most frequent topics in this area concerns cell phone impact on an otherwise healthy penis. Any man who is conscientious about his penis care feels a shudder at the thought that he might be carrying a manhood-disabler around with him all day.

The trouble

A number of studies, including one published last year in the journal Environment International, raise concerns particularly about how constant contact with cell phones might raise significant sperm issues for men.

Why should this be? Why should carrying around a phone have an effect on a guy's little swimmers? According to some scientists, electromagnetic radiation can really throw a man's sperm for a loop. And guess what tends to emit a lot of electromagnetic radiation? That's right: cell phones.

The study

The study in Environment International offers some disturbing statistics. Researchers looked at 10 studies that involved almost 1,500 men. When the scientists crunched the data, they found that using a cell phone was linked to a decrease of 8.1% in cell motility and 10% in sperm viability.

For those whose scientific terminology is a little rusty, cell motility refers to how fast the sperm travels and cell viability refers to the sperm's ability to make it to the egg while still alive and kicking. As is probably obvious, both of these factors are of importance to any man who is interested in extending his bloodline to future generations.

Is it accurate?

On the surface, those statistics are pretty troubling. The question is, are they really that accurate?

Some scientists aren't sure. They raise a number of issues that could have an impact on the report's findings. For example:

- The information was gathered from fertility clinics, not the population at large. It would help if it compared the data with males from the "general" population to see if the results are the same.

- The data just indicate that a man was a cell phone user, but didn't go into detail about what kind of phone was used or where the phone was kept.

- Perhaps most importantly, there are a lot of factors that can affect motility and viability and the study was not designed to account for those factors. Some of those factors also cause short-term variation that doesn't apply over the long term. In other words, a man's sperm health can vary significantly from one day to the next. It could be that some of these results were obtained on a day when a man's sperm was reacting to these other factors and was negatively impacted on that specific day.

Take precautions

So the jury is still out on cell phone usage and a healthy penis. Still, it may be better to be safe than sorry. Using a cell phone pouch could be one good way to reduce exposure to electromagnetic radiation. If a pouch is not available, carrying the phone in a backpack or leaving it on a desk while working may be a good idea.

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