With the coming of warmer weather, spring cleaning is in the air. This is an excellent time for a man to re-commit to maintaining a healthy penis and make spring cleaning his penis one of his goals. Regular, sensible penis care is the best way to maintain the health of a man's favorite organ, so sticking to an ongoing maintenance plan is a wise idea.

Take stock.

As with anything, it makes sense to take a few minutes to assess the condition of the manhood before getting started on its spring cleaning. Here are a few things to try:

- Do a sniff test. Granted, except for those who are exceptionally limber, that's easier said than done when talking about the penis. But if a guy can smell an aroma wafting from his crotch without even bending down, chances are he has a rank penis odor. If one has a partner, ask her or him frankly if the odor attached to the penis is too strong or unpleasant. The news may hurt a bit, but it's good to know these things.

- Examine the skin. Sexually active men need to regularly check for STIs, especially if they practice unsafe sex. But all men also need to simply keep an eye on what might be called the "everyday health" of the junk. Penis skin is enormously sensitive; changing one's soap, shampoo or laundry detergent can have a big impact on many men's members. So can dry weather, showers that are too hot and many other factors. Dry or flaky skin not only can cause a man to constantly be tugging and scratching at his equipment (possibly leading to an embarrassing misunderstanding of what he's doing) but can also be a turn-off when the rod is unveiled for a partner.

- How's the hair? Many men are proud to sport a massive bush of hair and don't give it a second thought. Others are experts at manscaping, trimming the pubes into a pleasing length or shaving it all off and presenting totally smooth. It's all a personal preference, but now's a good time to take a glance and see if a guy might like to go with a new look for the spring.

- Take it out for a test drive. Chances are, a guy is going to know just how well his manhood performs - but it's always fun to do a test drive, right? Really concentrating on the equipment while masturbating can help a guy to gauge things with a fresh eye: Is the firmness factor satisfactory? How is the tool's sensitivity holding up; has pounding at it too frequently or too roughly caused it to lose some of that sensitivity that a guy really wants his pole to have?

Get cleaning.

Once the assessment is over, take steps to make the pecker into a mightily healthy penis. Certainly, part of a guy's regular health routine must be washing regularly with an appropriately effective yet mild cleanser. For those who wish to manscape a bit, using clean scissors and/or razors is essential.

But proper spring cleaning for a healthy penis doesn't stop there. A man really needs to make the daily use of top-notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) part of his regular routine. The anti-bacterial properties of a crème with vitamin A can help stamp out that persistent, clingy penis odor. Natural moisturizing ingredients (like Shea butter and vitamin E) found in the best crème will help address dry skin and soothe itchiness caused by shaving. Finding a crème with vitamin C (for collagen production and tissue firmness) and L-arginine (which aids penile blood flow) will lend to a healthy penis. And a crème with acetyl L-carnitine can address loss of sensitivity due to peripheral nerve damage. The right crème can be a boon to proper penis maintenance.