When a man is angling for the best possible penis care, he will often try a variety of methods and regimens before he settles on something that works for him. Part of that regimen should always be a good penis health crème. But how to choose the right crème when there are so many out there? A guy can do the best job in choosing a crème through looking at the ingredients. They should be all-natural ingredients filled with vitamins, minerals and amino acids, all of which aid in creating healthy penis skin. One of those very important ingredients is L-Arginine.

What is L-Arginine?

L-Arginine is a powerful amino acid the body needs for many functions. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein; without them, there are dire long-term consequences. Amino acids provide the body with energy, contribute to neurological function, improve recovery times after injury, keep the immune system ready to fight and help with good cardiovascular health.

L-Arginine plays several important roles in addition to these. It helps the body produce insulin, aids in eliminating waste through the kidneys, and relaxes the blood vessels through the production of nitrous oxide. This relaxing of the vessels allows blood to flow more freely through the body, especially the smaller vessels that feed the kidneys, brain, eyes and of course, the penis.

Related to this are some of the problems that L-Arginine is famous for helping to treat and prevent. Migraines and severe headaches are often relieved by the relaxing of the blood vessels; it does the same for high blood pressure and heart failure. And because it allows more blood to flow freely to the brain, it can play a role in helping to present dementia and other neurological problems.

But what about the penis? As mentioned earlier, those smaller blood vessels in the body need to be relaxed to allow proper blood flow. When the vessels are relaxed, a large influx of blood is easy to handle; that means a man can get and maintain an impressive erection. If the blood vessels are tense, blocked with plaque or otherwise unhealthy, a man might notice a lessening of his erections, taking longer to get hard, or losing the erection at key moments during intimacy. A healthy dose of L-Arginine, inside and out, can help prevent this from happening.

Where to get L-Arginine?

Fortunately, L-Arginine is available in many tasty foods. These include poultry, meat and fish. Dairy products are also loaded with this important amino acid. Vegetarians or vegans can find plenty of L-Arginine in nuts and vegetables. If that’s not enough, they can seek out a supplement, much like one that bodybuilders use.

In addition, L-Arginine can be found in a great penis health crème. It’s important for a man to choose his crème wisely, as other ingredients might mask the good benefits. For instance, a crème that contains anything he can’t pronounce, or a crème that contains fragrances, artificial colors and the like should be avoided at all costs. The only thing the penis needs is natural ingredients, of which L-Arginine is certainly one.

When looking for the best possible penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin), a man should keep a few other things in mind. Another vital animo acid is L-Carnitine, which is great for protecting the peripheral nerves that can enhance penis sensitivity. Vitamin E and Shea butter both pack a hydrating punch; if a crème has both, all the better, because these work synergistically to provide the best results. Vitamin A for odor control, vitamin B5 for better health and vitamins D and C are also great for ensuring a healthy penis. Apply the crème daily and watch the benefits show up over the coming days and weeks!