Many men worry about whether their penises are normal, but some men actually have congenital abnormalities. These may be benign physically, though they may cause psychological distress, or they may pose a risk to penis health and sexual function, not to mention men’s emotional state. The psychological effects of having a penis condition, such as hypospadias or micropenis, can be just as severe as any physical problems associated with the condition. One way to alleviate that is for men to know that they are NOT alone. Another is to learn more about their penises. The following will help men with hypospadias do both.

"Steve’s" Story

Recently, a UK man going by the name "Steve" spoke out about his hypospadias, a condition characterized by a urethral opening that it positioned on the side or underside of the penis, sometimes partway down the shaft or at the base, rather than at the tip of the penis. Steve also has micropenis condition; his penis is about one inch long when soft. He thought he was the only one in the world with these conditions; it wasn’t until age 60 that he discovered he wasn’t alone.

Steve’s urethral opening is located on the side of his penis. This led to distress and unwillingness to get undressed in front of others throughout his adolescence. Also, presumably due to the micropenis condition, he reports that his erections top off at 4 inches and are not a "normal" circumference.

Rather than properly diagnosing him, a doctor circumcised Steve when he was 21. While often a safe operation, it went wrong in Steve’s case, leading to nerve damage that numbed part of his penis, making orgasm difficult.

While both the hypospadias and the micropenis conditions made it difficult to have normal sexual relationships, even after his botched circumcision, Steve married a woman and they had two children together.

The conditions still affect Steve physically and emotionally. But, "It was a huge relief to learn I wasn't the only man affected," he said, according to


This condition is thought to affect somewhere between 1 in 125 and 1 in 300 males. It can cause a number of complications if untreated, including:

- Urine spray

- A penile head that tilts downward, making it impossible to urinate standing up

- Curved penis while erect, leading to sexual difficulties

- Decreased fertility

Today, most affected males are treated for the condition by age two. Surgeons can use foreskin tissue to extend and repair the urethral opening. Success rates for surgery on grown men are not well-studied. Men should know that there are risks to any surgery, and before considering this method, should talk thoroughly with a urologist and other medical professionals. If there are no difficulties with sexual or urinary function, the best bet is psychological support.

Psychological Help

Seeking therapy for body image issues and sexual function problems associated with hypospadias and/or micropenis can do wonders for men. And, as Steve’s story relates, so can simply understanding that one is not alone. Seeking stories from other men online or joining a support group may be very helpful.

A Little Boost

Some men can get a little confidence boost in the penile department by treating the manhood to a quality skin care product. A penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can tackle any dry skin issues a man may have, leaving the member looking its best and feeling more pleasant to the touch. While it will not repair medical conditions like hypospadias or micropenis, a crème can help men care for their penises in whatever state they are currently. Those with health conditions affecting the penis should consult with a doctor before using. It is important for men to do what they can to feel good about what they have, and if a skin care present for the penis will help, it is a worthwhile investment.