One of the key elements to a great sex life is having a rock hard erection. In order for man to be able to get -- and keep -- a woody that won’t quit, he needs to have excellent circulation throughout his entire body - and especially down there. However, even men in their 20’s and 30’s, not to mention those who are getting up there in age, may have difficulty with sexual function related to blood flow, and the often increases with age. Learn about a powerful nutrient that can help keep the penis healthy and the blood flowing strong.

L-arginine - The Natural Key to Optimum Blood Flow

L-arginine is a little known amino acid that works in the body to restore, improve, and maintain a healthy flow of blood to the penis, helping to create the erections every guy - and girl - is hoping for. While most men are more concerned about whether his manhood is working than why it works the way it does, the magic of L-arginine is not terribly complex or confusing. Simply put, L-arginine helps convert nitric oxide in the body, which causes the blood vessels throughout the entire circulatory system to dilate, or expand, as needed. This includes, of course, the fine capillaries that serve the penis. Once they are dilated, these vessels allow more blood to rush in and expand the tissue of the penis to help create a firmer, stronger manhood, and then lock off the tissue so that the blood stays in place as long as it is needed. L-arginine is so successful at this job, in fact, that many of the costly prescription medications for erectile dysfunction include it as one of their active ingredients.

Healing the penis with L-arginine

Any man can benefit from the addition of L-arginine to their penis care routine. For men who have no engorgement issues, adequate amounts of this amino acid help protect the penis by keeping the circulation flowing and the capillaries healthy; after all prevention is key. For men who may be noticing a bit of a lag, but can still getg it up just fine, L-arginine helps provide a healthy dose of oxygen-rich blood, which not only creates engorgement, but also delivers nutrients needed to keep the penis healthy. Finally, a man who may be noticing a change in the quality, quantity and duration of his erections will certainly want to use L-arginine. Not only will the nutrient help him to achieve a better erection quality, by allowing for maximum engorgement, the rush of healthy, nutrient-rich blood can help reverse the effects of aging and heal damaged capillaries.

Where to get L-Arginine?

- Food Sources: Men can load up on this important nutrient by noshing on certain L-arginine rich food sources, including lean red meats, poultry, low-fat dairy products, fish, shellfish, nuts, and legumes.

- Multivitamins: Of course, adding a daily multivitamin may help men get a dose of L-arginine beyond their dietary sources. However, it is important to exercise care in selecting multivitamins, as they are not all created equal. It’s best to check with a doctor before grabbing a supplement off the shelf.

- Men’s health cream: Finally, the man who wants to ensure he is getting his daily dose - and that it is going directly to the place where it is needed most - should use a penis vitamin cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) containing L-arginine, not to mention other penis-specific nutrients and antioxidants. By applying the vitamins topically, directly on the skin of the penis, they are absorbed more quickly and penetrate the skin right where they are needed most. Apply after the daily shower and enjoy a healthier, more engorged penis with the help of L-arginine.