During a two-week timespan, a seed can grow into a green shoot, and an egg laid by a finch can crack open to reveal the tiny bird that's inside. A 14-day time span seems to be associated with all sorts of growth and renewal, and the same concept can even apply to penis health. By engaging in some intensive penis care techniques, a man could be rewarded with the sensitive penis he's always wanted. Here's how to make it happen.

Things to Toss Out

Allowing that bold and beautiful skin to heal means removing anything that might cause chafing, burning or scraping. While few men keep nail files and other truly abrasive tools tucked into their drawers on a regular basis, these same men might subject the skin to all sorts of assaults from:

  • Rough clothing
  • Stiff athletic supporters
  • Abrasive, pumice-based soaps
  • Astringent perfumes

Removing these items from the home can mean stopping the assault then and there, and that might mean reducing the length of a man's sensitivity to-do list.

Things to Do

Sensory cells can also be damaged by small bacterial cells that lie on the surface of the skin. If these colonies are left unchecked, they can cause infection and irritation that leaves soreness and compromised skin behind. If penis bumps, redness or soreness are evident, a visit to the doctor is in order. Professionals can provide intensive treatments that can soothe discomfort and make healing much more effective.

General hygiene can also be maintained by performing a quick rinse with warm water each day. Uncircumcised men can peel back the skin to wash away any dead cells and discharge that is left behind, but men who have been cut might need to do little more than strip, rinse and dry off.

Things to Avoid

Athletic activities that put the penis in the path of oncoming projectiles are a no-no, if amazing penis sensitivity is the goal. One quick blow to the nether regions could lead to intense pain and injury, and that might mean months and months of healing. Similarly, rough sex activities involving thrusting into dry spots can do an intense amount of damage to tender nerve cells. The pleasure in the moment might be considerable, but the damage left behind could take months to heal.

Things to Add

Diet plays a role in a penis-sensitivity plan, as the foods a man eats could help to support the tissues that tingle when touched. Leafy, green vegetables like lettuce and broccoli are pumped full of B vitamins the nervous system depends upon for ideal functioning. Whole grains can provide a bump of B vitamins, as well, and they also contain magnesium, which the body needs for ideal nervous system functioning. Including these foods in the daily diet could help to support the tissues that allow the penis to deliver intense pleasure.

But foods like this must move through the entire digestive tract before they reach the penis, and sometimes, key elements are siphoned off and used in other parts of the body. A man might load up on the right foods, but he might not get the full power of these nutrients in the tissues of his penis.

A penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help. A creme like this is applied topically, directly to the penile skin, so the benefits provides aren't misdirected to other body parts. The vitamins and minerals in these products penetrate the penile skin, delivering targeted nutrition and softening benefits. In about 2 weeks of daily applications, along with the other lifestyle steps mentioned above, a guy could have a perfect penis that's well worth waiting for.