At some point, many men realize that something just isn’t quite right. Their intimate play doesn’t feel the same as it used to. Even masturbation feels a little strange. Perhaps it takes longer to reach a climax. Perhaps that thrill isn’t as intense as it once was. Or even worse, perhaps the feather-light touches they used to enjoy now feel as though they aren’t there at all. This is all the result of decreased penis sensitivity, which is actually a quite common problem. The good news is that extra attention to penis care can work wonders to increase sensitivity.

One of the key points is to consider what has caused the decreased sensitivity. Here are a few reasons why this might be happening.

1) Masturbation. Many men find that the more they masturbate, the more difficult it becomes for them to feel delicate sensations that they otherwise would have enjoyed. In fact, some men find that excessive masturbation can make it very difficult, if not impossible, to reach climax with a partner. If masturbation on a regular basis seems to have affected sexual activity with a partner, it might be time to cut back on the self-pleasure.

2) Getting older. It’s a sad fact of life: as we get older, lots of things start to change. One of those surprising changes is a decrease in penis sensitivity. Many studies have looked at the phenomenon, and they all report the same sobering results. From about the age of 25, men start to experience a decline in penis sensitivity. The decline becomes much more pronounced when men reach 65 to 75 years of age. That lack of sensitivity could lead to trouble getting and maintaining erections.

3) Skin problems. For some men, aggressive rubbing of the penile skin, whether through sexual activity or masturbation, can lead to a thickening of the skin covering the penis. Though this thickening might be barely noticeable, it is certainly enough to block the sensations that were once so enjoyable. Good penis health care can help with this.

4) General health. Overall health affects every system in the body, including penis function. Those who are obese, suffer from diabetes, or have cardiovascular problems might find that their penis sensitivity decreases. Even those who live a very sedentary lifestyle might discover that sitting down all day has a negative effect on their sensitivity. These health concerns might also affect libido.

5) Nerve damage. Though this is a very rare cause of decreased sensitivity, it does occur for a few unfortunate gentlemen. Nerve damage might be caused by a botched circumcision, trauma to the penis or groin area, spinal injuries, or some surgeries that have a direct effect on the reproductive system. In most cases, the reasons for nerve damage are obvious (such as trauma), but men can work with their doctors to find ways that might enhance their pleasure.

Fight against decreasing penis sensitivity

Working to increase penis sensitivity is always a good thing, especially since so many men experience a sensitivity decline as they age. Start with ensuring good health; smokers can strive to put down the tobacco, those who live a sedentary lifestyle can benefit from becoming more active, and those who are overweight might want to lose the pounds.

If the problem is coming from excessive masturbation or rough intimate play, adjust personal activities for a while to see if the issues with decreased sensitivity go away.

In the meantime, pay close attention to good penis health. Regularly using a proven penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help ensure that any thickening or toughness of the skin is remedied. This helps rule out some of the problems that can cause decreased sensitivity. The use of certain vitamins, as well as soothing Shea butter, can leave the skin hydrated, supple and much more responsive.