Been longing for a sensitive penis? Not the type that cries at The Notebook or writes poems in the rain, but one that is raring and ready to go like it used to be? Not sure how things got so insensitive? There are lots of reasons penises lose their sensitivity. It can be anything from age to overindulgence of many types to something as innocent as too tight Underroos! In the quest of increasing penis sensitivity, here are the things to stop doing and start doing to get that sensitive penis back.

Increasing Penis Sensitivity: Things to Stop Doing Immediately!

1) Loosen Up (The grip that is). Self-pleasure is a beautiful thing. It’s great for pleasure and stress release; however, some men use what’s considered a “death grip” when they play solo, leaving the penis desensitized and unable to enjoy partner play.

2) No one is counting. Some men engage in so much sexual activity, with others or alone, that their penises are just down for the count. Too much of a good thing, even sex, can be too much.

3) Excessive Drinking and Drug Abuse. Drink and drugs have a tremendous effect on the penis. Whether it’s not able to get or stay hard, or not come to release, both drinking and drugs can be a real downer for the penis. Get help if it’s abuse. If it’s not, drink responsibly and don’t plan to get down and dirty when a few too many drinks have been downed.

4) Ditch the tight bottoms. Underwear, swim shorts, or trousers, friction from simply wearing clothing can desensitize the penis. Switch to properly fitting garments that give the penis space to be free and not constantly being rubbed up on.

Increasing Penis Sensitivity: Things to Start Doing Right Now!

1) First, take care. Men of a certain age (generally 40 and beyond) should pay extra attention to diet, fitness, and health tests as they age to keep their penis sensitivity high.

2) Get Tested for Low-T. Low testosterone can not only decrease libido but also decrease penis sensitivity. See a doctor, get tested, and then follow treatment if Low-T is to blame.

3) Change it up. Try new sexual positions and scenarios to excite the mind and body. It's time to pull out that Kama Sutra and start dog-earing some pages. Not only can it excite the penis, but it can breathe new life into an intimate partnership.

4) Lube it up. When engaging in sex or solo play, ensure a pleasant experience now and later by ensuring the right amount of moisture is present to reduce friction which can make a sensitive penis an indifferent penis quickly.

When increasing penis sensitivity, consider the everyday grooming ritual. Be sure to use gentle cleansers on the penile skin and use soft washcloths and warm water (not hot!). Never use harsh abrasives or unpronounceable ingredients that can be severe on this especially sensitive skin. When done, take care to dry the skin with very soft towels or completely via air drying.

After cleaning the skin, use a specially formulated penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) on the area. Choose a crème carefully and ensure it has a natural base, full of wonderful emollients like Shea butter and vitamin E. Look for special ingredients like L-Carnitine which protects penises from peripheral nerve damage which can steal healthy erections and encourages a sensitive penis. Add in more vitamins like A, B, C, and D, and it’s the perfect crème for treating and protecting this very special member.