Penis size. It’s something every man thinks about, at least on occasion. Most men are generally satisfied with their own penis size, even if they may on occasion wish that it were bigger. Some men, however, are distinctly unsatisfied with their penis size, finding it too short or too thin - or both. Even if their penis health is fine and they perform well sexually, they may still want to take steps to increase their size. One relatively recent trend for those seeking a girthier penis has been to add ADM (acellular dermal matrix) to the penis in order to "fatten" it up. But does doing so come with some risks?

What is ADM?

ADM is a combination of biological and synthetic materials which is used in helping to correct certain skin defects. For example, burn victims, once the wound itself has been treated, may desire something that can minimize the manner in which the burned skin presents. ADM can be used to help repair the injured area in a way that physical damage is less obvious. ADM is also often employed to help rebuild or build up breasts after mastectomies or other medical issues in which breast tissue has been damaged.

In more recent years, cosmetic surgeons have begun utilizing ADM as a means of making the penis thicker, a process sometimes known as penile girth enhancement (PGE). Essentially, the ADM (which is partially made of human skin) is added around the circumference of the penis, all along the organ from the base to the head. Weights are used to "balance out" the tissue, so that (ideally, at least) the ADM settles uniformly, rather than lumpily or bunching up in some areas. Some doctors claim that an increase of girth up to 2 inches is possible.


But some medical professionals are not convinced that use of ADM to create a thicker penis is a good idea. As reported in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, in an article entitled "Complications and Management of Penile Girth Enhancement with Acellular Dermal Matrix," scientists studied 78 cases of individuals who underwent penile growth enhancement using ADM over a three year period.

The results initially seemed promising. At the 3-month follow-up, there was an average increase of about half an inch in penile girth. But there were several complications as well. Out of the 78 patients, more than half - 47 - reported some degree of erectile discomfort. In addition, 12 patients reported that their penis still had not healed after three months from surgery. Several others reported wounds, including some with infection from a wound. A swollen foreskin was a problem for 7 patients, and 3 reported death of skin tissue. Eventually, 7 patients opted to have the ADM removed.

The researchers involved in the study concluded that "even with standardized surgical methods and rigorous postoperative care, complications of PGE using ADM are severe, which indicates that it is not an ideal or safe method for PGE."

Men who are considering using ADM to increase their penis size are advised to discuss the matter thoroughly with their doctor and to spend time assessing the possible risks.

As has been stated many times before, penis size, whether influenced by ADM or not, is usually less important than skill and penis health - so men should remember to make a superior penis health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) a part of their daily health regimen. It’s best to look for an oil that contains both L-arginine and L-carnitine. The former is important because it helps produce nitric oxide and thereby helps penile blood vessels more easily expand when necessary. And the latter is excellent when it comes to helping maintain vital penis sensation.