Fortunately for most men, serious penis problems are not something they will ever have to deal with. Beyond the occasional penis rash and other irritations, problems of the genital area are blessedly few and far between. However, there can be some penis problems that don’t necessarily cause serious issues, but can be a huge annoyance or concern just the same.

For some of those problems, all it takes is stepping up the penis care game to get things back to normal. But for a few other problems, there are a few surprising remedies that almost instantly take care of the issue.

1) The temperature game. Every man has experienced the dreaded ‘shrinkage’ at some point. Ever step out of a cold shower to see a penis that doesn’t look quite manly? The good news is that temperature plays a huge role in how large the penis is. When the temperature around the penis drops to below 60 degrees, the length can shrink by up to 50% and the girth by up to 20%. That’s enough to make a man seek out warmer climates. And in fact, as soon as the temperature rises, the girth and length go back to normal.

2) Going up in smoke. There are few things that affect your entire body as much as smoking does. Smoke is drawn into your lungs and from there, affects every bodily system, including the reproductive organs. In fact, long-time smokers can see a reduction in their penis length by a centimeter or even more. This is because smoking gradually hardens the blood vessels, which makes it more difficult for blood to flow into the penis. Stop smoking, and over time the penis will actually ‘grow’ back to its proper size.

3) Getting constant wood. Sure, raising a pup tent at inopportune times is annoying and embarrassing, but look on the bright side: The body is doing exactly what it is supposed to do. In fact, those spontaneous stiffies serve the purpose of keeping the penis skin stretchy and soft, which promotes penis health. Most men have an average of eleven erections during the day and another nine at night.

4) Facing the competition. Many men view penis problems as ‘size’ problems - frankly, they often think they are on the small side. However, the average penis size is 5.2 inches in length and 4.6 inches in girth. Men will find that their partners are often quite happy with that or even less - especially since a smaller penis tends to be preferred for more adventurous bedroom activities. Here’s an interesting fact to drive the point home: Only a measly 6 percent of men actually need to purchase extra-large condoms.

5) Weight loss can help. Those who are overweight might view their penis as being surprisingly small, but that is not the case. The fat pad at the base of the penis can become enlarged when a man gains weight, and the result is a penis that looks smaller than it used to be. Losing weight can allow a man to ‘gain back’ that extra inch. As an added bonus, losing weight can boost energy levels, which can lead to more enjoyable fun in the sack.

Stop penis problems before they start

Let’s be honest: every man worries about his penis. For everyday worries, good penis care can help ensure that everything down there is as healthy as possible. Keep the penis clean, maintain good general health, and opt for a powerful penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven safe and mild for skin). Always look for a nutrient crème that is designed specifically for the penis, with numerous vitamins, amino acids and supplements blended into an emollient like Shea butter. Regular use of a penis health crème can go a long way toward great penile health.