Serious penis odor can be a source of embarrassment for men, especially during the hot, sweaty summer months. For some guys, a simple application of talcum powder early in the morning is all they do to combat this common problem. But is the use of talcum powder consistent with appropriate penis care? And, equally important, does it really combat penis odor?

The penis odor dilemma

Penis odor has been around for as long as men have been around. Yes, our early forebears ran around with no clothes and therefore enjoyed the benefits of constantly airing the penis out. But those same cave dwellers also had no soap and didn’t wash very frequently - meaning their packages boasted an even greater degree of penis odor than do our own.

So why is this particular body part prone to carrying a stench around with it? Well, for one thing it’s usually packaged underneath two solid layers of clothing - trousers and underwear. And often, that underwear is tightfitting, which increases the heat quotient. Add to that the fact that, unless a man shaves his manhood, it is topped off by a large thatch of insulating hair, in addition to the hair that lines the balls. Finally, men get erections throughout the day, whether they’re aroused or not. The erectile process involves engorging the penis by filling it with blood; this in turn adds even more heat to the area.

Excessive moisture is a natural byproduct of all that heat, and sweat tends to bring with it odor-causing bacteria - hence, the aroma factory that is a typical man’s crotch.

The talcum powder solution

For many years, men have tried to keep the manhood odor at bay by strategically sprinkling - or in some cases, liberally pouring - talcum powder on the penis, balls and crotch. Talcum powder is famous for its use in keeping babies’ bottoms soft and dry, so its use on the penis is understandable. But is it the best solution for penis odor?

Since most talcum powder comes with a scent of its own, it can be effective for a short time in masking odor. The drying qualities associated with the product also can be effective on a short term basis; but it lacks the staying power needed for a tough case of member stench.

More importantly, talcum powder does not contain ingredients that can actively fight the causes of penis odor, especially bacteria. So once the initial benefits wear off and sweat begins pouring in, the powder does nothing but clump up. Thus, while it can provide some temporary coverage, it cannot by itself offer an effective solution to the problem.

Added to the issue are concerns voiced by some that long-term use of talcum powder may have negative health benefits. The problem is that not enough studies have been done to settle this question one way or another, and so some doctors advise caution in long-term use of the powder.

Beyond powder

Even men who use talcum powder should take other steps to fight unwanted scents. Proper cleaning of the area is crucial, of course; so is finding time each day to let the manhood "air out." (Sleeping naked is one way to achieve this goal.)

Most importantly, however, a man definitely needs to go beyond talcum powder and regularly use a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to help with penis odor. To be effective, the crème absolutely must include vitamin A. This vitamin is well known for its anti-bacterial properties which do a splendid job of actively fighting the bacteria which are the root cause of an odiferous member. It’s also essential that the crème contains alpha lipoic acid, a potent antioxidant. Alpha lipoic acid helps to modify the aging process of penis cell metabolism, which in turn keeps the penis skin healthier. Healthier penis skin is in a much better position to fight off odor-causing bacteria. With the right crème, penis odor can be effectively brought to heel.