Most guys experience some form of jock itch during their adolescence, a situation which can make an already itchy penis even worse. Unfortunately, jock itch is just one of those annoyances that men are prone to; however, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some penis care tips that can help alleviate this problem - especially when a dude is away at college, where opportunities to pick up a fungal infection are rampant.

The college years

Although many guys have some form of communal living experiences before they go to college - summer camp, sleep-away baseball games, etc. - there’s nothing quite like going to college to really learn about living with other guys. Whether it’s the roommates in one’s suite or the entire building in a men-only dormitory, college usually puts guys together in living situations that tend to vary from what they experienced growing up.

The jock itch factor

So what does the situation of guys hanging out more with guys have to do with an itchy penis? Well, it essentially means dudes are simply going to be in closer contact with each other - and therefore sharing things. And it’s the sharing part that can cause jock itch to go wild.

Not that this is intended to knock the whole idea of sharing. One of the good things about communal living is that sense that "we’re all in this together." Sharing a brewski or borrowing a roommate’s coat is great. But where jock itch is concerned, there need to be a few pesky boundaries.

The bathroom

Let’s start in the bathroom. It’s not uncommon for friends to share each other’s towels. When they’ve been properly laundered, that’s usually fine. But be realistic: how often to guys at school do laundry? Borrowing a bud’s towel to dry off one’s manhood is risky; if he has jock itch, it’s easy for it to transfer to his towel and from there to the penis of anyone using that towel.

Same thing applies to soap. It doesn’t take a genius to see that if a guy with the itch rubs a bar of soap all over his goods, there’s a good chance anyone using that same bar on his own junk is going to come down with an itchy penis that won’t quit.

And don’t forget about razors. If a mighty manscaper runs his razor through the itch zone, you definitely don’t want to do the same to your crotch with his razor.

The dorm room

What kind of things should a guy keep an eye out for in the dorm room? A big one: sharing underwear. This is a no-no for many health reasons, but too many college guys do it because they’re too lazy to do their own laundry. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

But the same applies to borrowing bedsheets. Unless they have been freshly laundered, they’ve been spending a lot of hours nestling against a guy’s privates - and if those privates are itching, so too might be the privates of the dude that borrows them.

And here’s one to think about: lube. Hey, a lot of roommates end up watching porn together and masturbating. A guy needs to be lubed up for sure, but think about it: is it wise to pump out a little lubricant after it’s been handled by a friend who’s been scratching his crotch non-stop all week? Don’t cheap out; spend a few bucks for a private stash of lube instead.

Even with proper prevention, many will still get jock itch and be dying to scratch that itchy penis. Using a top drawerpenis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven safe and mild for skin) can help alleviate the need to scratch. When the penis skin is properly hydrated, it’s able to heal more quickly and is less prone to itching, so using a crème that contains a combination of moisturizers (such as vitamin E and shea butter) is well advised. Selecting a crème that also includes vitamin B5 also aids in the healing process of penis skin, thanks to its unique affinity for skin cells. With the right penis health crème, the itchy penis can be brought to bay.