Thrush, also known as yeast infection, is an incredibly common cause of an itchy penis along with pain and swelling. However, few men know a whole lot about what this condition is, how it's treated and what penis care steps can make it go away. This quiz can help. Each of the following statements is either true or false, and the right answers are located below.

The Statements

1) Another name for thrush is "candidiasis."

2) Thrush happens to men a lot more often than it happens to women.

3) Yeast infections usually target the balls and the underside of the penis.

4) The primary symptom men might notice is redness.

5) Intense itching is common in men with thrush.

6) Thrush might be very uncomfortable, but it's usually pretty easy to cure.

7) Using a perfumed soap or spray is a good way to prevent thrush in the future.

8) Men who have diabetes are more likely to get yeast infections than men who don't have diabetes.

The Answers

1) True. This isn't a word that rolls off the tongue with ease, however, so most people prefer to just call the problem "thrush" or "yeast infection."

2) False. Women are much more likely to get thrush when compared to men, but women infected with thrush can give it to their partners during sex. This means that a man who has sex with a woman who often deals with thrush probably has the same problem himself on a pretty regular basis.

3) False. For men who haven't been circumcised, a thrush problem tends to impact the foreskin. Men who have been cut don't have a foreskin, but the glans or tip of the penis is a hot spot for them.

4) True. A thrush infection can kick the immune system into high gear, and when that happens, the skin can become red and swollen. The tip of the penis might look red or the foreskin might be tighter and pinker than usual.

5) True. Swelling and redness aren't the only symptoms a man with thrush might experience. Itching that simply will not resolve is also common, and the discomfort might be so intense that a man has trouble:

- Concentrating

- Sleeping

- Sitting still

- Having sex

6) True. A medicated cream can usually kick a yeast infection to the curb, as long as a man applies that cream regularly. However, a man with thrush who has a regular female sex partner should be sure that she is treating herself, too. Partners can pass this problem back and forth, unless they're both being treated at the same time.

7) False. A rinse with water is an important part of keeping thrush problems at bay, but perfumed products can sometimes cause irritation and swelling that lead to future cases of thrush. That's why it's vital for men to keep these products away from their bodies, both while they're healing and in the future.

8) True. People who have diabetes tend to have more sugar in each drop of sweat, and they tend to sweat a little more than people who don't have diabetes. A wet, sugar-laden lap is an ideal environment for yeast overgrowth.

Next Steps

Men who know a little more about what thrush is and how it works are in a good position to prevent the problem from happening to them in the future. A penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help, too. These products provide the skin with vitamins and minerals that support optimal health, and they keep skin both soft and smooth so it can resist infections a bit more easily. Quality products also have no perfumes or irritating agents, so they won't make an underlying thrush problem worse.