An itchy penis is something that all men experience at some point or another. When that itch is chronic, however, it can be inconvenient and embarrassing - for both a man and his partner, who doesn't like to see him constantly tugging at his crotch in public. (No matter how much a guy tries to be inconspicuous about scratching the penis, he's bound to be caught occasionally - and when he has a chronic itchy penis, he's bound to be caught more often.) Tending to penis itch requires proper penis care, of course - and some men may want to consider including their partner in that caring process.

Cause may affect participation

There are many causes of penis itch, and some causes may discourage a partner from wanting to help alleviate the issue on an up-close and personal level. For example, when pubic lice are present, it's not likely that a partner will want to get involved.

However, when a simple, benign dermatological issue or other cause results in the itch, a partner might be called upon to help in a way that can create a new sexual bonding.

Shave it.

Some men find that the presence of pubic hair is responsible for their itchiness, especially during the summer. The heat factor in the crotch is naturally high; a thick bush of hair just exacerbates this. Trimming or completely shaving the area may decrease the heat and sweat and subsequently decrease the itch factor.

If that is the case, a partner may be keen to help with the shaving. A man may find that he can simply sit (or lie) back and let his partner moisten, caress and shave his penis, testicles and surrounding area - an experience that can be highly erotic for both partners.

Rub it in.

A major cause of an itchy penis is dry skin. While it would seem that the sweat that often accumulates in the area would keep the skin moist, that's not the case. The heat and sweat actually deplete the natural body oils that keep the penis skin moist. Washing with a harsh soap or cleanser can also have this effect, adding to the problem.

As millions of women know, applying crèmes with natural moisturizers can help to "lock in" vital body oils. A man can apply an appropriate penis health crème himself, but it's more fun to let one's partner do this.

To properly apply the crème, the skin needs to first be moist. Any man would enjoy the sensation of his partner applying nice warm water to his penis, then lightly tapping it dry with a very soft washcloth or towel. Now properly prepared (and possibly a bit engorged), the penis is ready for the crème to be gently and lovingly rubbed in.


Of course, men whose partners are willing to take an active role in combatting penis itch need to be willing to return the favor. Perhaps she would benefit from a full body massage. Maybe the skin on parts of her body - the breasts, perhaps? - could use some tender moisturizing attention as well. Or maybe she's experiencing a vaginal itch that needs some special handling. A man might be surprised at how enjoyable it can be to help a partner resolve such issues.

Taking care of an itchy penis, whether with the aid of a partner or by himself, will be easier if a man has access to a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). What is needed is a crème with a combination of potent natural hydrators, such as Shea butter and vitamin E. Applying these moisturizing ingredients can keep the penis skin moist and supple, and can protect its all-important elasticity. The best crème will also include a powerful antioxidant like alpha lipoic acid, which can help prevent the oxidative stress in penis cells that can make the organ look wrinkled, cracked and aged - which in turn can add to the itchiness quotient. Taking care of the member through the regular use a crème like Man1 Man Oil should be a priority for all men.