Having an itchy penis isn't fun. The persistent need to dig, dig, dig at those tingling tissues can make it hard for men to work, sleep or hold a decent conversation with a loved one. And the skin can become so raw and damaged after days of itching that intense penis care might be required.

But thankfully, there is a solution. The right kind of care can make an itch disappear. And men who get that care might feel remarkably better in as little as a day.

Here's the story of a man who will be referred to as Brian. He sought treatment for an itch, and this is a report of his condition just two days later.

The Original Itch

"The problem started when my girlfriend and I decided to try a new and different kind of lubricant," Brian says. "It was supposed to heat up with body contact, and we thought that sounded a little crazy and fun. So we slathered some on."

"Unfortunately, I had some kind of reaction to the product," he says. "Instead of feeling warm, I actually felt like I was on fire, and I was immediately itchy. It was really awful, and even though I washed it off, I was still itchy the next day."

Getting Help

"I have a history of allergies, and I went and saw my allergist the next morning," Brian says. "My penis was red, itchy and covered in hives, and I was just miserable. I thought it was an allergic reaction, and I was right."

"My doctor gave me some pills to take, along with a cream to put on my penis for the next few days," Brian says. "I called in sick at work and decided to just stay home and wait the thing out."

Two Days Later

"I'm still a little bit itchy," Brian says. "I have more trouble if I wear tight-fitting clothes that don't breathe. I tried putting on running shorts this morning, for example, and I quickly figured out that wasn't going to work. So I'm sticking to cotton underwear that lets things hang."

"But the redness and bumpiness is all gone," Brian says. "I no longer have this flaming red penis covered in hives. I look pretty normal. I just have a few spots of itchiness."

Brian's doctor advised him to steer clear of some activities, including:

- Sex

- Masturbation

- Sitting in a hot tub or hot bath

- Riding a bike

"Basically, I'm supposed to give things a week or so of gentle care, so I can really heal," Brian says. "It isn't easy, because I like to do all of the things I'm supposed to avoid. But having an itchy penis was a real nightmare, so I'm willing to do whatever might help."

Prevention Steps

Skipping the funky lubricant tops Brian's to-do list in order to prevent future itchy penis episodes. But there are other things sensitive men can do to keep their laps a little safer. For example, it might be wise for Brian to throw out any perfumed product he might use on his body, including soaps and body washes. While he might not use these products directly on his penis, he clearly has a sensitivity to harsh chemicals. And soaps tend to slide over the penis as they're washed away. Removing them from the home might be wise.

Using a penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) could be another smart move. These products keep skin soft and smooth, and the vitamins keep tissues nourished. Skin like this is resilient, and it might be less likely to overreact to something new and strange.