When a guy has to scratch, he has to scratch - but when he's got an itchy penis, that's not always such an easy thing to do. A rash in the manhood area is not uncommon, but man, can it be an inconvenience! It's well worth it for a guy to maintain exemplary penis health, just to avoid the strange looks on the faces of people who catch him with his hands down his pants - especially if one of those faces belongs to his boss or his girlfriend's father.

So a guy's penis often gets a rash. What's with that?


It makes sense - sort of. Think about it for a minute. Unless a guy is a nudist, he tends to keep his little buddy buried under clothing. And unless he goes commando all the time, his junk is usually buried underneath two layers of clothing.

There's nothing wrong with that, and there are reasons, both protective and hygienic, for this two-layer approach. But hiding the penis in all that material means it gets pretty warm. And heat equals sweat.

It's not just the abundance of clothing that causes the heat, either. While pubic shaving is increasingly popular, most guys still maintain a pretty thick bush of hair all around the penis. That's like a third layer of insulation, boosting the heat factor up another notch.

But wait, there's more! Located as it is between the thighs, the penis and its testicular partners down below spend a lot of time pressed up against one or the other (or both) of a guy's thighs. That's adding more body heat into the area.

All of that would be enough, but there's then the matter of erections. When a guy gets firm, it's due to blood rushing into the penis - and that adds even more warmth.

Is it any wonder a man's tool sweats so much? And in any warm, moist environment, bacteria can grow and multiple. Soon, a rash is born.


Heat's not the only culprit, though. Many times, an itchy penis gets a rash from chemicals. That thin penis skin is very, very sensitive. It can react to chemicals in body soap, shampoo or laundry detergent. This is especially true when any of these products have an added fragrance to them. When that sensitive penis skin meets the wrong chemical ingredient at the wrong time - boom! It's rash time.


Earlier, reference was made to shaving one's pubic hair. Lots of men really get excited about the way this makes their tool look - and it has the advantage of making the crotch cooler. But as anyone who has taken a razor to the face knows, shaving can often be accompanied by nicks, abrasions or rashes, leading to, yes, an itchy penis. Manscaping can be great, but it's crucial that a guy uses a sharp razor and a mild shaving cream or gel - and that he takes great care to avoid any missteps with the razor that might lead to a rash.


Where would a guy be without his favorite rubber? Condoms are indispensable for sexually active men - but some men have an allergy to latex, and that can result in a rash-laden tool.

It's important for a guy to know if he has a latex allergy, so he can buy non-latex condoms to keep his equipment both happy and healthy.

Moisturizing is key.

An itchy penis and subsequent rash demand attention. Proper washing is essential, but even more important for most common rashes is adequate moisturizing. For that, a high-quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is called for. Such a crème will need to contain a powerful moisturizing combination: a high-end emollient (like Shea butter) and a potent natural hydrator (such as vitamin E). Together, those two can help keep the rash moist and banish the itch. It also helps if the crème contains antioxidants and essential vitamins that build up the health of the penile cells to prevent further irritation.