The kama sutra is perhaps the first comprehensive work on human sexuality, and despite the fact that it was written approximately two thousand years ago, it remains one of the most definitive. Although it is known today mainly as a sort of user’s manual for sexual positions, the kama sutra is truly a spiritual guide, exploring various facets of spirituality and aesthetics. Men and women looking for a sexual experience that goes beyond a quick bump and grind have turned to this ancient text for centuries for advice on how to take sensuality to a new level.

Combined with the use of a men’s health formula containing penis-specific vitamins and minerals that can enhance the suppleness and sensitivity of the penis, the techniques and philosophies taught in the kama sutra can help men of all ages can take the experience of pleasure to a new level. Below are three of the main positions outlined in this master work on sensual experience.

The Coil

This position is noted for its ability to bring both men and women to a stunning climax. To start, the woman positions herself at the edge of a bed, curling her legs and rotating them to one side of her body or the other. The man kneels in front of her and penetrates her deeply as she tilts her hips to relax or contract her pelvis. In this manner, the woman receives maximum external as well as internal stimulation, allowing both partners to achieve a deep and climactic orgasm.

Filling the Well

This position allows for the deepest possible penetration. The woman lies flat on her back, bringing her knees up to her chest. The man lies over her as she places her feet on his shoulders, while he supports his own weight with his arms. Once the man has penetrated her, no thrusting is recommended, as he will be deep enough to cause pain. Instead, he should move with a gentle rocking or circular motion.

The Arc of Love

In this position, the woman is in full control. The man is in a sitting position, leaning slightly backward and supporting his weight with his arms slightly behind him. His legs should be slightly apart. The woman rests on top of him, with her back to him, also leaning back slightly and supporting her own weight. In this manner, she controls all movement and can bring herself to climax as well as her partner.

Enhancing penile sensitivity for a transcendent experience

The positions of the Kama Sutra rely on deep stimulation and gentle movement to bring about a profound sexual experience. This experience can be enhanced by ensuring that the head and shaft of the penis are smooth and supple and that the skin is fully oxygenated.

Using a specially designed penis health formula (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) containing vitamins, minerals and all-natural moisturizers can improve the tone and texture of the penile skin and increase the receptivity of the erogenous tissue, helping men of all ages to get the most out of these incredible sensual techniques.

While the positions explored here are three of the most popular, they are just the beginning. Using the kama sutra opens up a whole new world of sexual pleasure. When experimenting with the various positions of the kama sutra, it is a good idea to plan ahead. Partners should agree on a time when they will not be disturbed for several hours and create an intimate atmosphere. Candles, incense and soft music (an Asian theme is especially sensual) can form the impression of being completely alone together, without the possibility of intrusion, further adding to the spiritual and sensual journey of kama sutra.